[24h working diary] City of red phoenix flowers - Hai Phong City

Sep 12, 2022

At the end of this August, NSO had the opportunity to welcome partners and investors to visit factories in vital industrial parks in Hai Phong City. Join us to follow the latest images compiled from this business trip! 

First, let's come to Nam Dinh Vu industrial park. It is an industrial park with a special design, connected to the seaport system - the logistics chain in North - Vietnam, including 4 functional subdivisions that complement each other: Industrial park, seaport zone, port logistics zone and port area, oil, and gas complex.

Priority industries for development in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park – Hai Phong

  • Electricity, electronic components, computer components;
  • Supporting industries, mechanical engineering, industrial machinery and equipment, aircraft spare parts, auto parts, motorcycles;
  • Heavy industry, paper, energy, food, pharmaceuticals;
  • Logistics, Warehouse and petroleum trading, liquefied natural gas trading;
  • Production of plastic products, packaging;
  • Manufacturing office machine components and equipment;
  • Processing;
  • Assembly;
  • Seaport;

In addition to the advantages of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure in synchronous development areas, Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park is also located in the center of Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone, known as an integrated economic zone, marine economic center, and multidisciplinary, multi-field, meet the needs of socio-economic development of Hai Phong City. As a result, investors benefit from direct and premium shipping costs, reducing the time it takes the product to market.

Picture 1- Gate of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park

Picture 2- A corner of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park

Picture 3- Guide visitors to the Industrial Park

The next one is VSIP Hai Phong, Industrial, and Service Area. This industrial park is located in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone and along the banks of the Cam River, Hai Phong is the gateway port of the Northern region to the Gulf of Tonkin and the world. VSIP Hai Phong Urban Area will bring a green ecosystem, high-class amenities to residents, and highly profitable investment opportunities for investors. The goal is to become the leading megacity in Vietnam.

Industries attracting investment in VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park

  • Electronic manufacturing and assembly
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • Automotive and motorcycle components
  • Food Processing
  • Building Materials
  • Medical instruments
  • Transportation, warehousing
  • ....

Currently, VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park has attracted a lot of investors from Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Europe ... Typically, transnational corporations have invested in VSIP Hai Phong industrial park: Nipro Pharma Group with a project of pharmaceutical and medical equipment factory with an investment of 250 million USD; Fuji Xerox invested 119 million USD to produce and sell copiers, multifunctional equipment, and printers ... Up to now, the total investment capital in VSIP Hai Phong Urban - Industrial and Service Area has reached more than 1 billion USD.

Picture 4 - Gate of VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park

Picture 5- Wastewater treatment lake combined with landscape

Picture 6- Factory at VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park

Picture 7- Take the visitors to VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park

The last industrial park on this business trip is Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park – the first eco-industrial park in Vietnam. Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park is located in Thuy Nguyen district in the northern and northeastern areas of Hai Phong city, this is the central urban area, administrative and political center; the commercial and industrial center of Hai Phong in the future. With the prime location of the Industrial Park, it facilitates the activities of investors, especially in transporting raw materials and goods in and out of the industrial park.

With synchronously invested infrastructure, high aesthetics, and utility functions in line with mass trends and internationalization vision in services. The area of trees and water surface of over 50ha (~ 20% of the total area) brings a green working environment for employees, friendly and harmonious with the community in the area. This makes Nam Cau Kien the industrial park with the highest labor stability target in the city's industrial zones. The industrial park focuses on synchronous and modern investment in the system of environmental protection works and constantly improves the operation process of green environmental management, becoming a model of a sustainable eco-industrial park for companies to learn and share. Thereby, creating a solid foundation for enterprises to invest in long-term production, meet strict standards and regulations in export markets in the context of globalization and movement, and strongly adapt the production chain. In addition, with foresight in planning, synchronous utility infrastructure also brings significant value from minimizing and optimizing regular production costs (logistics, electricity, water, labor,...). This is an industrial park with a very favorable geographical location, and a diverse transportation system, located near Hai Phong port; technical infrastructure is invested synchronously and modernly, the clean land fund for investors to rent factories is still large; human resources provided for the industrial park are abundant, high quality ...

Industries attracting investment in VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park


-    Supporting technology, high technology;

-    Producing machinery and equipment to support investment technology;

-    Producing interior and exterior decoration products for export;

-    Service industries serving production in the Industrial Park;

-    Other low-pollution manufacturing industries,....

Picture 7- Gate of Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park

Picture 8- Exchange with the Board of Directors of Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park

Picture 9 - Visiting and taking photos at Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park

Picture 10,11,12- Wastewater treatment area combined with landscape system in Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park