American Investor visit industrial parks in Duc Hoa, Long An

Aug 09, 2021

American Investor visit industrial parks in Duc Hoa, Long An

April 23, 2021

After understanding the customer’s requirement, NSO has arranged with customers to visit industrial parks in Duc Hoa, Long An areas including Xuyen A Industrial Park, Duc Hoa Dong Industrial Park of the developer: Hai Son Group and An Ha Industrial Park. .

Client’s Nationality: USA

Area: 6-10ha

Industry: Logistics

Location: near Ho Chi Minh

Duc Hoa district, Long An has a convenient location, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and also home to many industrial parks of Long An province. Industrial parks in Duc Hoa have diverse areas, from 3000 m2 to several tens of hectares, the average asking price is about 165 USD/m2 depending on the location.

Receiving industry: depending on the pollution level of the manufacturing industry and the wastewater treatment capacity of the industrial park, investors will be divided into different subdivisions.

If you want to buy production land in an industrial park in Long An with an area from 7000 m2 to several tens of hectares in Long An industrial park, please call (+84) 90806 9399 for advice.




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