Vung Ang Economic Zone

Aug 11, 2021


Investor: Ha Tinh Province Economic Zone Management Board

Location: Ky Anh town, Ha Tinh province.

Area: 22,781ha (Vung Ang 1 Industrial Park is 200ha)

License year: 2006

Year of operation: 2006



Vung Ang Economic Zone was established in April 2006 on the basis of Vung Ang Industrial Park - Seaport which has been established since 1997. This is a part of Vung Ang Urban Area and Northern Quang Binh Economic Zone. - Nam Ha Tinh . Vung Ang Economic Zone was established by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 72/2006/QD-TTg dated April 3, 2006 with an area of ​​22,781 ha with the goal of building and developing into a multi-sector, multi-sector economic zone with an important focus. mind is:

  • To develop metallurgical industries associated with advantages in natural resources and raw materials; industries associated with seaport exploitation, steel industry, thermal power centers and petrochemical refining.
  • Synchronous development of Vung Ang - Son Duong port complex includes the investment and effective exploitation of the port complex, the development of port services and shipping services to form one of the gateways to the world. important sea of ​​the North Central region
  • To build Vung Ang new urban area, and at the same time give priority to the development of eco-tourism and beach resorts to become important tourist destinations in the North Central Coast coastal tourism route.



The purpose of establishing Vung Ang economic zone is to take advantage of its natural geographical location (near Vung Ang and Son Duong deep-water ports, near National Highway 1A , on National Highway 12A connecting Laos and Thailand , near iron mines. Thach Khe) to promote the development of economic - social Ha Tinh, create point spurt of economic - society in the area of North Central , create a joint development between the provinces of North Central, narrowing the gap in socio-economic development, integration with the whole country and the world.



Economic activities prioritized for development in Vung Ang economic zone include: seaport services , metallurgical industry associated with advantages of natural resources and raw materials ( Thach Khe iron mine , titanium mine , .. .); industries associated with the exploitation of seaports; industries extracting raw materials in the region as well as importing , especially from Laos and Thailand ; the service industry exports .



Located in Vung Ang Economic Zone, there are:


Investor: Ha Tinh Province Economic Zone Management Board

Location: Ky Thinh Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province (belonging to Vung Ang Economic Zone, Ha Tinh Province).

Area: 200ha

License year: 2002

Year of operation: 2005



Investor: Hoanh Son Trading Service Co., Ltd.

Location: Ky Phuong Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province (belonging to Vung Ang Economic Zone, Ha Tinh Province).

Area: 41.76ha

License year: 2012

Year of operation:

Status: Under construction.




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