VSIP II - Bac Ninh

May 24, 2021

Year of Establishment: 2018
Total Area: 273 hectares

VSIP II – Bac Ninh is located in Tam Giang Ward, Yen Phu Ward, Hoa Tien Ward and Cho Town (Yen Phong). With the motto of investing in a synchronous modern industrial park to meet the requirements of industrial development and other investment attraction requirements, VSIP II – Bac Ninh Industrial Park included: Operation Area, manufacturing Area, green Area, technical infrastructure (electrical stations, water supply stations, sewage treatment facilities, communications and IT services and traffic stations) and transportation routes.

This is a commercial and service industrial park with a strategic location; transportation infrastructure synchronously connected with seaports, airports and other large industrial parks in the north. In accordance to the Provincial industrial development plan, VSIP II – Bac Ninh will attract high-tech and clean technology enterprises; to make good use of local raw materials and human resources, without causing environmental pollution, produce products to meet the needs of the people and have competitiveness in the domestic and export markets.

Contact Information
VSIP Bac Ninh Company Limited
Address: No. 1, Huu Nghi Road, Industrial Urban and Service Park, VSIP Bac Ninh, Phu Chan Ward, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.
Tel: (+84) 0222 3765 668 Fax: (+84) 0222 3765 666


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