Jan 25, 2022

1. General market situation
On January 19, at a conference to summarize industrial park activities in Binh Duong province, representatives of many industrial park investors and businesses suggested that authorities take measures to attract workers back. the factory through the injection of the 3rd dose vaccine, propaganda to the people... to accompany and remove difficulties with businesses.
The Management Board of Industrial Parks in Binh Duong Province said that due to the impact of COVID-19, many businesses in the industrial park have had a lack of orders, temporarily stopped operating, and business owners do not come to Vietnam to run their businesses. Karma…
Total construction investment capital in the industrial park in 2021 is about 5,700 billion VND, only 65% compared to the previous year.
Attracting labor is also facing many difficulties when only reaching about 38% of the plan. According to the survey, in the last months of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, enterprises in industrial zones in Binh Duong need over 100,000 employees.
The number of laborers currently working in industrial zones accounts for only about 85% of what it was before the outbreak.
2. Investment situation in 2021.
According to a press conference on December 10, 2021, the People's Committee of Binh Duong province said that the preliminary report (as of November 15, 2021) the province has attracted 2.069 billion USD in foreign direct investment (over 14.9%) plan of the year).
Binh Duong Department of Planning and Investment said, there are 64 new projects (registered investment capital of nearly 600 million USD), 24 adjusted projects to increase capital (808 million USD), 161 capital contribution projects (670 million USD). ). Up to now, Binh Duong province has 4,011 foreign-invested projects with a total registered capital of 37 billion USD.
FDI enterprises have participated in and promoted the process of industrialization and modernization locally through the transfer and innovation of production technology, contributing to the creation of a number of key industries of Binh Duong such as: manufacturing, wood processing, textiles, footwear, electronics.
Some typical investment projects such as: the fiber factory of Polytex Far Eastern Company in Bau Bang Industrial Park increased capital by 610 million USD, the total capital later increased by nearly 1.4 billion USD; factory project of New Motion Industrial Company (Singapore) in Phu Tan Industrial Park with investment capital of 185 million USD; The razor factory in Dong An 1 Industrial Park of P&G Company increased its capital by USD 44.8 million; logistics center project, factory for lease in Tan Dong Hiep B Industrial Park of Singapore investor with investment capital of 34.4 million USD…
Many foreign investment projects in Binh Duong, besides the manufacturing sector, have now had large projects in the field of trade and services, promising to bring added value and better convenience to the people.
Notably, a planned commercial center of up to 3 hectares with an investment of 35 million USD will be built in Ben Cat town. Becamex IDC Corporation and Central Retail Vietnam Group (owner of the Big C supermarket brand, now renamed) have signed a cooperation contract to develop this shopping center project with the name "GO!" .
This will be a large-scale commercial center of the region, able to serve more than 300,000 people with many large items such as fashion business center, dining, supermarket, entertainment services.