Song Binh Industrial Park

Aug 09, 2021

Song Binh Industrial Park

Investor: Rang Dong Joint Stock Company

Location: Song Binh commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province.

Scale: 300 hectares.


1. Construction site: Song Binh commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province, located 700m from National Highway 28B axis, 0.5km from North-South railway, 10km from National Highway 1A, about 50km from Phan Thiet city center and 60km from Vinh Tan Deep Water Port (Tuy Phong).



2. Scale: 300 ha.

- Industrial land for lease: 207.01 ha

- Leased land area: 68.39 ha (33% occupancy rate)

- Area of ​​industrial land with completed infrastructure and ready for lease: 138.62 ha.



3. Technical infrastructure system: It has been and is being built synchronously, ensuring the standards of a modern industrial park.

- Traffic: The traffic planning of the IZ is arranged in a rectangular form, in which there is a main route with a width of 50 m connecting from National Highway 28B connecting functional areas, the remaining routes connecting with the main route. forming a smooth road system to ensure access to each land lot by means of transport, the total length of internal roads is 17.51 ​​km.

- Electricity: There is a 110KV/22KV transformer station located on the D3 route, which is connected from the Dai Ninh - Phan Ri 110 KV line to Song Binh Industrial Park, this is the source of electricity for production for the industrial zone. Total capacity of 02 phases is 126 MVA (in the period to 2015, capacity 63 MVA; period 2016-2020, capacity 63 MVA); 22KV power line connecting from 63 MVA station (total capacity of 2 phases is 120 MVA) runs along the roads in the industrial park to supply factories.

- Water: Under construction of a domestic water supply treatment area with a capacity of 30,000 m 3 /day and night, combined with HDPE pipe system D150cm, D100cm approaching each land lot in the industrial park to supply according to the needs of the industrial plants. secondary investors.

- Communication: The communication system for the IZ will be connected to the telecommunications network of Binh Thuan province, through the local postal system and arranged to connect to the factory gate in the IZ.

- System Wastewater Treatment: Wastewater industry and services must be collected on the system of waste water treatment focus (30,000 m 3 day / night) of the zone and handle standard column A The standard practice QC40 :2011/BTNMT.



4. Advantage:

- The terrain is flat, geologically stable, the ground has high bearing strength, which is favorable for the construction of industrial works.

- Located near a large source of titanium ore raw materials (not within the titanium mineral investigation boundary, about 12km from the mining area) convenient for transportation and processing.

- A synchronous, well-planned traffic system (700m from National Highway 28B axis, 0.5km from North-South railway, 10km from National Highway 1A, about 50km from Phan Thiet city center and from Vinh Tan deep-water port - Tuy Phong 60km).

- Far away from residential areas.

- Convenience of electricity and water supply.

- Advantages of future expansion.

- Human resources: Song Binh commune has 1,005 households with 4,336 people, the ratio of men and women is balanced; The labor force in working age is about 2,537 people, accounting for 48.5%. The residential area of ​​Luong Son town, 10km away and some neighboring communes, will be a large source of unskilled labor and trained workers for the industrial park.

- Insurance: Bac Binh district is located in region IV, applying the minimum wage in the region to pay insurance for employees is 2,920,000 VND.


5. Prioritize projects in investment fields:

Processing industry: Being the only industrial park with deep processing industry of titanium minerals with 03 main product groups:

+ Titanium slag, artificial rutin, fine and ultra-fine zircon.

+ Pigment (dioxidetitanium), zircon compounds (such as zircon oxychloride)

+ Porous titanium, metal tian, titanium alloy.

Titanium ore, after being exploited from the coastal areas of Binh Thuan province such as: Bac Binh - Tuy Phong area, Luong Son - Bac Binh sub-area, North Phan Thiet area, Ham Thuan Nam area, Ham Tan area... transferred to processing factories in the IZ to serve the deep processing, to produce products of high economic value for export and domestic production needs.



            6. Land rental price: 3.98 - 4.54 USD/m 2 /year (price excludes VAT, varies depending on the payment plan);

            7. Fees for using infrastructure, wastewater treatment, water supply, electricity, telephone, internet, environmental sanitation: In progress.

            8. Other fees: Investors are entitled to sign to use other utility services (if any) in the IZ and pay fees according to the current prescribed fee rates of the investor or service providers. .



9. Contact information:

National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

Office: Parkview, 5A Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP 1, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.

Please contact:

  1. Ms Hien Do – 0908 069 399 –
  2. Mr Cuong Phan – 0913 855 528 –
  3. Ms. Truc Tran – 0396 296 580 –