SAIGONTEL: From a telecommunications company to become a real estate business

Jul 15, 2021

Vietnam's economic outlook in 2021 is an affirmation that the spectacular "steer" strategy of Saigon Telecommunication Technology Joint Stock Company - SAIGONTEL has been in the right direction and at the right time. Under the effective support of Mr. Dang Thanh Tam and Kinh Bac Urban Development and Joint Stock Corporation (KBC). In two years, the business has successfully restructured from a telecommunications company to become a real estate enterprise owning 800ha of industrial - urban - service land. In 2021, despite the complicated development of the epidemic, this land fund has been developed up to 3,000ha to be ready for the restructuring of the global supply chain.

In 2020, SGT completed 95% of the target revenue plan with 485 billion VND, up 22% compared to 2019. In which, revenue from telecommunications infrastructure accounted for 55%, the rest came from operations Industrial and office real estate leasing.