QUE VO 2 INDUSTRIAL PARK (Update Jul 2022)

Aug 01, 2022


Updated: 07/2022

- Location: Que Vo 2 Industrial Park, Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province

- Total project area: Que Vo II Industrial Park project is divided into 2 phases:

+ Phase 1, with an area of 272.54 ha with a total investment of about 490 billion VND in the area of Ngoc Xa commune, Dao Vien commune and a part of Chau Phong commune;

+ Phase 2, with an area of 300 ha in Duc Long and Chau Long communes.

- Land use term: 2057

- Geographical location:

Located to the North of National Highway 18, 15km from National Highway 1A, to the North of National Highway 18 and Noi Bai - Quang Ninh Expressway being implemented, is the key economic center of the North "Hanoi City". - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh" Que Vo II Industrial Park has a convenient location to seaports, Noi Bai airport, Huu Nghi border gate and especially can transport goods by river.

+ 50 km from Hanoi capital

+ 50 km from Noi Bai International Airport

+ 100 km from Hai Phong seaport

+ 98 km from Cai Lan seaport

+ About 145 km from Viet Trung border gate (Lang Son).

+ Chau Cau Station runs through the main face of the industrial park

+ About 140km from Hai Phong port.

- Infrastructure: Que Vo II Industrial Park is invested with synchronous technical and social infrastructure according to international standards.

Asphalt concrete road with load capacity H30, width 8m - 15m, sidewalk for pedestrians combined with modern high-voltage electrical lighting system, green land occupies 12.45% of the industrial park's land area. clean, beautiful landscape and ecological environment regulation.

- Electricity: Taken from Tien Son 220/110 kV transformer station, total capacity of 32 MVA 24/24 power supply. According to the plan, EVN will install a substation of 250KVA-35(22) with 35kv line at Que Vo 2 industrial park.

- Country:

+ Source: Clean water factory of the industrial zone, capacity of 20,000 m3/day; surface water treatment technology; inverter pump.

+ Price of supplying clean water for production and daily life: 10,500 VND/m3 (including VAT and water resource tax).

- Communications:

The communication system provided by network operators such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel... ensures smooth domestic and international communication. Including full services: phone, mobile phone, Fax, Internet for investors.

- Wastewater treatment:

+ Total design capacity: 8,000 m3/day.

+ Price of wastewater treatment (drainage service): 8,000 VND/m3 (VAT included and Environmental protection fee), volume is calculated as 80% of clean water used.

- Drainage: The rainwater drainage system and the wastewater drainage system are planned and built separately, running along the internal roads to ensure the collection of all rainwater and wastewater from factories in the industrial park. .

- Tax incentives:

+ The preferential tax rate is 17% for 10 consecutive years from the first year the enterprise has revenue from the project. At the end of the application period of this preferential tax rate, the enterprise will switch to applying the 20% tax rate.

+ Tax exemption for 2 years and 50% reduction for the next 4 years from the date of taxable income.


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