Quang Nam is about to have an ecological industrial park of 392 hectares

Oct 06, 2021

Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee Le Tri Thanh signed an official dispatch to the Ministry of Construction for comments on the construction subdivision planning project (1/2,000 scale) of Tam Thang Industrial Park expansion in Chu Chu Open Economic Zone. Lai, Quang Nam Province.

Construction subdivision planning project (1/2,000 scale) Tam Thang Industrial Park expansion has an area of ​​​​about 391.96 hectares, with the nature of an ecological industrial park.

Specifically, the scope and boundaries of planning in Binh Nam commune (Thang Binh district) and Tam Thang commune (Tam Ky city) belong to Chu Lai Open Economic Zone. Accordingly, the industrial park will not attract industries such as sewing, textiles, plastics, agricultural and pharmaceutical production, veterinary drugs, mechanics, engines, etc. At the same time, restricting polluting industries environment, giving priority to industries with high added value and low land use.

Along with that, the industrial park will focus on attracting projects using advanced technology and competitive products in the domestic and export markets, such as: Production of electrical products electronics, computers and optical products; manufacture of electrical equipment; manufacture of machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified; manufacturing beds, cabinets, tables and chairs; other processing and manufacturing industries; manufacture of glass and products from glass; wastewater drainage and treatment; supporting industrial products for the mechanical industry and supporting industries for the automobile industry.

In addition, the People's Committee of Quang Nam province also provided a series of information on the planning of functional zoning and landscape architecture; technical infrastructure planning; strategic environmental assessment… At the same time, the province requested the Ministry of Construction to pay attention to comments as a basis for implementing the next procedure.

Source: Nguoi do thi

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