Phu Vinh Industrial Park

Aug 11, 2021


Investor: Phu Vinh Infrastructure Investment and Construction Company Limited.

Location: Ky Lien Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province (belonging to Vung Ang Economic Zone, Ha Tinh Province).

Area: 200ha

License year: 2010

Year of operation: 2015


  • Phu Vinh Infrastructure Investment Construction Co., Ltd is a 100% Taiwanese-owned enterprise granted the Certificate of Investment in Infrastructure of Phu Vinh Industrial Park by the Management Board of Ha Tinh Province with an area of ​​200ha (Phase 1). This is the first industrial park with synchronous and modern infrastructure investment in Vung Ang Economic Zone in the form of socialization, in order to meet the needs of renting land to build factories of projects coming to Vung Ang.

Phu Vinh Industrial Park has a total area of ​​200ha, located above National Highway 1B passing through Vung Ang Economic Zone in Ky Long - Ky Lien - Ky Phuong urban area.




1.       Geographical location

- By road: From Vung Ang Economic Zone along national highways 1A, 1B and HCM road, North-South railway can exchange economic with all regions of the country, following National Highway 8A and 12A connecting with HCM road. passing through Cau Treo and Cha Lo border gates, this is the shortest route from Vietnam's seaport to Central Laos and Northeastern provinces of Thailand.


- Waterway:

Vung Ang port. Can dock 50,000 tons. In 2014, the construction of a 15,000-ton container port started. It is expected that in 2017 there will be regular international ships docking at the port and this is the only cargo clearance route of Laos, Northeast Thailand to the world.

Son Duong port can dock 30,000 tons.


- Airline:

Phu Vinh Industrial Park is far from:

- Vinh airport about 120km.

- Cam Xuyen international airport is about 30km,

- About 70km from Dong Hoi airport.



The infrastructure

- Traffic system: The traffic system of Phu Vinh Industrial Park is reasonably designed in the shape of a checkerboard along the land lots to ensure smooth and convenient traffic throughout the Phu Vinh Industrial Park. The road system is designed with the following dimensions:

·         The central road in the Industrial Park is 60 meters wide.

·         The branch road in the Industrial Park is 30 meters wide,

·         The internal roads in the Industrial Park are designed and constructed in strict compliance with the construction standards of the State, and the roads are also equipped with a complete high-pressure lighting system as well as other systems. lighting system, signal board, ensuring safety and beauty in the Industrial Park.


- Power system: the power system in the industrial park is connected to Ha Tinh Power Company to provide 24/24 hours, with a voltage of 35KV, to meet the needs of manufacturers in the industrial park. Karma.


- Water system: Clean water used in the industrial park is supplied from the clean water center of Vung Ang economic zone and is provided 24/24 hours, in addition, the industrial park has installed a water storage system with high quality water. 3,000m3, to meet the area's clean water needs.


- Waste treatment system:

·         The industrial park is equipped with a wastewater treatment plant with a design capacity of 5,000 ~15,000M3/day specializing in serving and treating wastewater for factories in the Industrial Park.


·         Factories in the Industrial Park need to treat wastewater up to type B standards in accordance with the State regulations of Vietnam before discharging it into the wastewater treatment plant in the Industrial Park.

·         Exhaust gas from factories must be installed with a filtration system according to national standards before being discharged into the natural environment


- Post and telecommunications system: The post and telecommunications fiber optic network has been installed with 1,000 telephone lines to meet the needs of factories in the Industrial Park with a complete network system to help investors connect fast connection with countries around the world.


- Fire protection system: The industrial park is installed with a fire prevention and fighting warning system in strict compliance with the regulations of the Vietnamese state, fire-fighting water supply hydrants are installed at internal traffic hubs. zones, factories are required to comply with fire prevention regulations, self-establish fire protection systems to meet relief conditions when necessary.


- General service area:

  To meet the needs of investors, in the Industrial Park will build service areas such as, restaurants, post offices, express delivery, supermarkets, housing for employees and other services. .

  Industrial park adjacent to Phu Vinh urban area, building international-class hotel, shopping center, entertainment center and fitness center

·         In the Industrial Park, setting up a security team, patrolling and on duty 24/24, in order to ensure absolute safety for people and assets of investors, copper bullion cooperates with police forces. economic zone police to prevent cases of law violation




- Priority manufacturing industry

·         Producing and processing iron and steel products Hot rolled steel coils stainless steel round bars, solid metal pipes

·         Electricity Industry Yes Electricity, electrical cabinets, industrial and household appliances, information, communication and telecommunications

·         The industry of mechanical engineering for manufacturing machinery, manufacturing spare parts and assembling vehicles is the manufacture and repair of agricultural machinery, family yachts, and equipment used in mining.

·        Construction materials industry Producing cement concrete and ceiling heat-resistant refractory materials

·         Other industries: Interior decoration, furniture, furniture, toys, plastic items, rubber tires, medical, optics, animal feed, industrial gases, ceramics, recycling waste,... Yarn, textile, garment, leather shoes, dyeing, flower printing,...




For more information, please contact

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Office: Parkview, 5A Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP 1, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.

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