Nam Can Economic Zone

Aug 04, 2021

Nam Can Economic Zone (including Nam Can Industrial Park)

Investor: Ca Mau Economic Zone Authority.

Location: Nam Can district, Ca Mau province.

Area: 10,801.95 ha.


Nam Can Economic Zone (including Nam Can Industrial Park):

Established in 2010 under Decision No. 66/2010/QD-TTg dated October 27, 2010 of the Prime Minister. General planning on construction of Nam Can economic zone, Ca Mau province to 2030 approved in Decision No. 2456/QD-TTg dated December 17, 2013.



1. Location: Located in Nam Can district including Nam Can town, Ham Rong commune, Hang Vinh commune and Ong Do hamlet of Dat Moi commune, Ca Mau province.

Located along the National Highway 1A axis corridor, having a favorable position in relation to international and national economic zones: For the ASEAN region and the Greater Mekong Sub-region: Nam Can EZ is located near the maritime route. area, far from city. Phnom Penh is about 500km by trans-Asia road, 42km from Hoan Khoai Port, 400 nautical miles from Kra Canal (Thailand), about 450 nautical miles from Singapore and connected to economic - urban centers in the Southeast region. Asia about 1 to 2 hours flight; Mekong Delta and City. Ho Chi Minh City: Nam Can Economic Zone is far from Ho Chi Minh City. 400km from Ho Chi Minh City, far from Ho Chi Minh City. Can Tho 220km, 100 nautical miles from Phu Quoc, 100 nautical miles from Con Dao; Ca Mau Province: Nam Can EZ is far from Ho Chi Minh City. Ca Mau 53km along National Highway 1A, 60km from Song Doc town, 30km from the baseline with Hon Khoai as one of the landmarks of the national base, about 60km from Ca Mau city center and from Ca Mau airport 62 km,in the future will become an international airport, adjacent to the Ramsar World Biosphere Reserve - Ca Mau Cape. Having the advantage in taking full advantage of natural conditions, economic and political geographical position, trade, international and domestic services, promoting socio-economic development of Ca Mau and Mekong Delta region in order to contribute to narrowing the regional gap with other regions in the country.



2. Geographical location:

- The North borders: Cai Nuoc district, Phu Tan district, Dam Doi district (South bank of Bay Hap river);

- The South borders: Ngoc Hien district (North bank of Cua Lon river);

- The East borders: Hiep Tung commune, Nam Can district;

- The West borders: Dat Moi commune and Lam Hai commune, Nam Can district.

3. Total area: 10,801.95 ha.



4. Areas of investment attraction: Nam Can economic zone is a general and multi-sector economic zone including a non-tariff zone (industry - commerce - service) and a tariff zone (urban area, aquaculture). high-tech, ecotourism services and regional logistics centers).

5. Invested items: Currently, investment has been made on the main roads of the economic zone and the North-South route, the infrastructure creates a premise for attracting and calling for investment. In the future, the port logistics service industry will be developed, logistics serving connection with Hon Khoai Seaport. The current status of land has been cleared for 58 hectares (the previous project of Nam Can Shipyard), the rest has not been cleared.



6. Land rental price: Currently in the stage of technical infrastructure investment, the land has not yet been cleared, so there is no land rental price.

7. Land lease period: 49 years. (2010 – 2059)

8. Method of paying land rent: Annually or once.

9. Number of enterprises in the IP: 11 enterprises.

10. Minimum wage: Belongs to region 3 salary.



National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

Office: Parkview, 5A Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP 1, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.

  1. Ms Hien Do – 0908 069 399 –
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