My Xuan B1 - Dai Duong Industrial Park

Oct 29, 2021


1. Information about the developer

• Developer's name: Dai Duong Entertainment Construction Investment Joint Stock Company

• Address: 162/7 Binh Loi, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

2. Information about the industrial park

• Establishment Decision: No. 1592/QD.UBND dated August 17, 2012

• Decision approving industrial zone planning: No. 2602/QD-UBND signed on 10/11/2011.


Land type 

Size (ha) 


Land for factory 



Land for Administration and Service 



Land for Park and Green Tree 



Land for focal Technical works 



Land for warehouses, yards, services



Land for transportation 



Existing factory land 






• Address of the industrial park: My Xuan ward, Phu My town, Ba Ria- Vung Tau province

• Operational period of the Industrial Park: 50 (fifty) years from December 1, 2006, the Investment Certificate of the industrial park issued.

• Geographical location: The North borders Group 7 - Phuoc Binh Road and No. 1 Tien Hung Industrial Park, B1 bordering Dong Nai province; The South borders on My Xuan - Ngai Giao road; The East borders Bien Hoa - Vung Tau highway; The West borders My Xuan Industrial Park B1 Tien Hung and My Xuan Industrial Park B1- CONAC towards National Highway 51;

• Total investment capital: 265,661,460,000 (two hundred and sixty five billion, six hundred and sixty one million, four hundred and sixty thousand) Vietnam dong.

• Industrial land for lease: 104.79 ha


+ Water supply: Water for the industrial park is taken from Phu My Water Plant, with a capacity of 40,000m3/day. Ensuring continuous water supply 24/24 for investors to the factory fence.

+ Power supply: The industrial park has a 110/22KV-2X40MVA transformer station serving production plants in the industrial park. The substation is supplied with electricity from the national grid and from Phu My power plant. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply of 22KV 24/7 for investors to the factory fence.

+ Gas: Provided by CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

+ Traffic: Main route No. 1 (1-section section 1): going from National Highway 51 to the industrial park, this is considered the gateway and the face of My Xuan B1-Dai Duong Industrial Park, belonging to the type of double road, with a load of H 30, the width of the vehicle running on each side is 7.5m (4 lanes for motor vehicles 4×3.75m = 15m); The sidewalk is 10m wide on each side, the median strip in the middle is 2m wide, the pedestrian path is 5m wide on each side, ensuring a full system of technical pipelines and the construction distance is 10m on each side.

Main road D1 (section 3-3), this is the main north-south road, the road has a width of 7.5mx2 (4 lanes for motor vehicles 4×3.75m=15m); The sidewalk is over 5m wide on each side, the green strip is over 5m, ensuring a full arrangement of technical pipelines. In the industrial park, there are also some internal roads: Road N2, D3: are branch roads in the industrial zone, the road surface is 14m wide, the pavement is over 5m wide on each side, the road, the road width is 28.2m, the construction distance is over 5m. each side (2-2 and 4-4 cross-sections).

Roads D2, N2 -A are roads of the northern industrial cluster in the industrial zone, this road has the same technical standards as the above internal roads, the road surface is 7.5m wide, the sidewalks on each side are 5.75m wide, and the walking path Each side is more than 5m wide, the construction distance is 10m back. ( Sections 5-5 and 6-6 ).

+ Communication: The communication system is provided by network operators such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc. to ensure smooth domestic and international communication. Including full services: phone, mobile phone, Fax, Internet…

Centralized wastewater treatment plant: Capacity 1,500m3/day.night (phase I), quality of wastewater after treatment: reaching column A _ QCVN40;2011/BTNMT. Phase II capacity: 1,500m3/day.night.

Service works: Construction will be carried out in the second quarter of 2020.

– Sublease land area: 463,241 m2; filling rate: 43.75%

– Land rental price: 85 USD/m2 excluding 10% VAT

– Industrial park management fee: USD 0.4/m2/year excluding 10% VAT

– Waste water treatment fee: $0.35/m3, excluding 10% VAT

Other fees (if any):

Electricity price: According to the regulations of the electricity price of the State at the time of power supply to the factory in the industrial park. For voltage level from 22kV to 110kV (price excludes VAT):

+ Peak hours (09:30 – 11:30; 17:00 – 20:00): VND 2,735/kWh

+ Off-peak hours (22:00 – 04:00):983VND/kWh

+ Normal hours (04:00 – 09:30; 11:30 – 17:00; 20:00 – 22:00): 1,518 VND/kWh.

Water price: According to regulations of water price of Phu My Water Plant: 12,500 VND/m3 (VAT not included).

3. Advantages of connecting to the external transport system:

Located on National Highway 51 is the route from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau ; 70 km from Saigon port, 40 km from Vung Tau port, 12 km from Phu My port; Thi Vai port 5km; Go Dau port 07 km; The future lies next to the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau highway; 70 km from Tan Son Nhat airport and 20 km from Long Thanh International Airport, which is expected to be built.

4. Industries attracting investment:

Mechanical manufacturing, repair and assembly industry; Food and beverage processing industry; Light industry: textile, leather shoes, garment, stationery, plastic products, etc…; Electronics and refrigeration assembly industry; Building materials industry; And some other non-polluting industries…

5. Contact: 

  1. Ms Hien Do – 0908 069 399 –
  2. Mr Cuong Phan – 0913 855 528 –