Long Son Industrial Park

Jul 09, 2021


Investor: Petroleum Investment Joint Stock Company - Idico Long Son

Location: Long Son Commune, City. Vung Tau

Area: 1250 hectares

Total planned land area: 1,250ha


+ Land for oil refinery No. 3: 480 ha

+ Land for petrochemical complex: 400 ha

+ Land for power plant: 100 ha

+ Other industrial land: 270 ha

- Operation time: until 2058

- Characteristics of the industrial zone: Long Son Petroleum Industrial Park is a concentrated industrial park, aiming to attract and develop large-scale industries, with priority given to the development of the following industries: Oil refining industry; Petrochemical industry; Thermal power industry; Building materials industry; Steel and aluminum smelting industry; Mechanical industry, manufacturing and assembly; Drilling rig repair industry.


1. Convenient transportation:

- By sea, by river: There is a seaport system for industrial park activities and near the national deep-water port system such as Sao Mai - Ben Dinh and Cai Mep port.

- The national deep-water port system can receive ships with a tonnage of 80,000 DWT.

- Road: The system of bridges and roads connecting National Highway 51 has been fully invested:

+ 100 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City

+ 20 km from Vung Tau city center

+ 70 km from Long Thanh International Airport

2. Industrial park technical infrastructure:

a. Rainwater drainage system:

- The rainwater drainage system will be built separately from the industrial and domestic wastewater systems. Drainage lines are arranged along the roads and discharged into rivers and sea in the shortest direction. The project is located next to Rang River, Cha Va River and Ganh Rai Bay, so it is convenient for water drainage.

b. Sewerage system:

In the industrial park, there are various types of industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, electricity and petrochemical services. For this type of industry, each type has different characteristics and composition of wastewater, so it will not be organized to collect all wastewater to a common cleaning station for treatment but will distribute it. Some types of industries with similar composition and characteristics of wastewater can be combined for general treatment in each industrial cluster.

- Industrial wastewater: The dirty water drainage system in the industrial park is divided into two parts:

 + Separate system in each factory: Waste water treatment at the factory to remove special wastes.

 + Collection system outside the factory: Carrying wastewater from factories to the second cleaning treatment area up to the standards according to TCVN 5945 - 2005. Industrial wastewater after being thoroughly treated will be kept in the lake buffer with time 7 - 20 days to check. This is the place where pollution is controlled for the last time before being released into the environment.

 + In case of an incident: Design a separate sewer system to bring to the incident area, the lake gates will be closed for further treatment, then discharged into rivers and streams.

 - Domestic wastewater is thoroughly treated and cleaned: In each public work and house, it is necessary to build a toilet with a septic tank. Waste water, after passing through the septic tank, is discharged into a separate sewage system to the second centralized treatment area for cleaning up to the standards of TCVN 6772 - 2000.

 c. Water supply:

- Water supply for Long Son Petroleum Industrial Park will be provided by Chau Duc Water Supply Joint Stock Company and Ba Ria - Vung Tau Water Supply Joint Stock Company.

- The water supply network in the industrial park is a pipe system from D100mm to D400mm. Ensure the minimum pressure in the pipe reaches 1.3 Kg/cm2 and the standard water delivery speed reaches 0.6 to 1.2 m/s.

- Fire hydrants are placed on pipes with diameter D100mm or more at junctions and intersections to facilitate fire fighting vehicles to access water sources when fire incidents occur.

d. Power supply:

- Long Son 110kV station will be invested with capacity of 63MW in the first phase and upgraded to two 63MW in the long term. Long Son 110kV station is supplied with electricity directly from the 110kV busbar of Ba Ria Power Plant, through the 110kV power grid. Branched from the 110kV Ba Ria - Phu My line, this branch has a length of 6km and is an AC-240 floating single-wire circuit. The following stage will be a dual circuit.

- In this area, it will invest in the construction of a thermal power plant with a capacity of 636MW to serve the electricity consumption needs of the Oil Refining and Petrochemical project of about 220MW, the rest will be connected to the common grid to supply to the utilities. neighboring machine.

e. Traffic network planning:

-  Outbound traffic:

+ Road: Lang Cat - Long Son road is defined as the North-South trunk road connecting Long Son with National Highway 51. With the new construction project of Cha Va bridge, Go Gang bridge (under construction) is expected to connect the route. Lang Cat - Long Son with the coastal route of Vung Tau - Binh Chau to form a continuous route connecting all coastal areas of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province together. This route is responsible for transporting goods from Ba Ria, Phu My to Long Son and Go Gang. To build a new route connecting Long Son port with Phu My industrial zones and a transport route connecting with Bien Hoa - Vung Tau highway.

+ By air: Currently, Vung Tau Airport is located on the Vung Tau peninsula and is managed by the military