Long Khanh Industrial Park

Oct 28, 2021




Infrastructure investment company:

Long Khanh Industrial Park Joint Stock Company


Suoi Tre Commune; Binh Loc, Long Khanh town, Dong Nai province

Total size:

264,47 ha

% Rented Land

91,38 %.

Transportation infrastructure:

The main road to the industrial park has been put into use and is implementing internal roads in the industrial park.

Power supply infrastructure:

From the national grid.

Water supply infrastructure:


Communication infrastructure:


Wastewater treatment infrastructure:

Centralized wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 3,200 m3/day

Industry attracting investment:

Processing agricultural products, processing foodstuffs (not processing flour): Processing and preserving meat and meat products, from aquatic products; processing milk and dairy products; production of cakes from flour, sugar, cocoa, chocolate and confectionery; prepared foods; Producing animal, poultry and aquatic feed; Textiles, shoes and toys: Producing yarns and textiles of all kinds; production of carpets, blankets; making clothes other than fur skins, producing suitcases and bags; producing shoes; manufacture of shoe soles (all without dyeing); Furniture and interior decoration: Sawing, sawing, planing and preserving wood; production of plywood, veneer, plywood and chipboard; manufacturing other products from wood, from bamboo, straw, thatch and plaiting materials; manufacture of beds, cabinets, tables and chairs and wooden interior decorations; Packaging: Production of wooden packaging; producing packaging from paper and paperboard (not using recycled paper production materials); Electronics and microelectronics: Manufacture of electronic components; manufacture of computers and computer peripherals; production of communication equipment; production of consumer electronic products; Manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers, electrical distribution and control equipment; production of electric wires and cables; Stamping frames, assembling, manufacturing motorcycles and spare parts: Producing metal components; mechanical; manufacture of metal utensils for kitchens, toilets and canteens (without plating); Assembling sports equipment (only assembling, not processing, manufacturing finished products); pharmaceutical production; stationery; handicrafts, glass, interior decoration building materials, concrete structures; Manufacture of rubber tires; Producing other products from preliminarily processed rubber raw materials; Manufacture of other products from plastics; Production of PE plastic beads; Industrial glue production (no waste water generation); Producing printing ink (no waste water generation). Do not attract investment in polluting industries such as: Rubber latex processing industry; pulp industry; tanning industry; dyeing industry.

  1. Ms Hien Do – 0908 069 399 –hien.dt@nso.com.vn
  2. Mr Cuong Phan – 0913 855 528 –cuong.pd@nso.com.vn



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