La Lay Economic Zone

Sep 18, 2021


Investor: Quang Tri Economic Zone Authority

Location: A Ngo commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province.

Area:....ha (planning area of La Lay international border gate is 49.94ha)



Location: to the west of Quang Tri Province , A Ngo commune, Đakrong district, Quang Tri province.
Planned areas of land: 49,94hectares.
Distances: 120 km far from Dong Ha city to the east-north, 79 km from the centre of Dakrong district (along the Ho Chi Minh trail) and 115 km from Lao Bao Border Gate to the north, and 105 km from My Thuy Port (Highway 15).
Infrastructures:  in progress of construction.



To form a border gate economic zone, traffic connection plays an extremely important role. On the Lao side, route 15B from La Lay international border gate to the center of Salavan province and connects with Pakse city, Champasak province (the socio-economic center of Southern Laos). Road 15B from Salavan province to La Lay international border gate with a length of nearly 147 km has been invested by the Government of Laos with about 200 million USD to upgrade and expand with a width of 9m wide, 8m wide face, road surface structure. plastic siding, completed and put into use at the beginning of 2013. The infrastructure of La Lay international border gate area towards Laos has also been invested by Salavan province, ensuring enough area for expansion and construction of piers. offices of functional agencies as well as other ancillary works serving socio-economic development in the region.



The operation and construction of La Lay Border Gate Economic Zone will contribute to promoting the strengths of the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) on the basis of the advantages of traffic through La Lay International Border Gate


The birth of La Lay border gate economic zone will promote trade and service activities, creating a driving economic zone on the Ho Chi Minh route in the southwest of the province. In particular, 8/14 communes and towns of Dakrong district located on the route from La Lay international border gate along Ho Chi Minh road will be the localities directly benefiting from the positive impacts of international integration. bring. In addition, Sa Muoi (Laos) - a district with the same border as Dakrong - the poorest district of Salavan province also has development conditions, contributing to stability in security, politics, order and security on the border.



In the future, along with the completion of the Southeast Economic Zone with My Thuy deep-water seaport, an important traffic route has been determined to be deployed, which is National Highway 15D connecting the National Border Gate. La Lay to My Thuy seaport. At that time, the Southeast Economic Zone will become the gateway to attract goods from La Lay Border Gate Economic Zone, the northeastern provinces of Thailand; Northeast Cambodia; Central and Southern Laos through La Lay international border gate to export to other countries in the region. The construction of La Lay border gate economic zone both meets objective reality due to its favorable traffic conditions, geographical location and topography, and is suitable with regional development trends and cooperation strategies between countries. transportation and economic linkage factors between EWEC and PARA-EWEC. In particular, contributing to the special friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Laos,especially the provinces that share the border, go into depth, specifically; both an opportunity and a driving force for socio-economic development for the central provinces in general and Quang Tri province in particular in the process of international exchange and integration.


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