Kim Dong Industrial Park

Jul 12, 2021


Investor's name: DDK Construction Investment Group Joint Stock Company.

Add: Located in Kim Dong district, Hung Yen province

Area: 100ha

Geographical location



Adjacent to National Highway 39, about 10 km from Hung Yen city; It is about 13 km from the intersection of the Hanoi-Hai Phong Expressway


Located in Kim Dong district, Hung Yen province


Planning area

100 ha, industrial land for lease is 51 ha

Land lease term& Price

Until December 17, 2060

Land Rent and Fees

• Land rent: $120-130-150 m2/50 years

RBF: 3USD/m2/month

• Management fee: $0.3/m2/year (annually prepaid)

• Infrastructure fee: $0.3/m2/year (annually prepaid)

• Clean water fee: VND 7,000/m3

• Waste water treatment fee: VND 4,500/m3 (wastewater volume is calculated as 80% of the actual use of clean water)

• Electricity price: Apply the price of the Government of Vietnam.

Investment attraction field

Producing and assembling electronic and telecommunications equipment, household electricity, refrigeration; software technology; Production of consumer goods

The infrastructure

The investor is carrying out the procedures for compensation and land recovery

Social infrastructure and services

▪ Banking: The system of banks is located near the IP.

▪ Hospital: Kim Dong district health center and a number of provincial hospitals near the industrial park, meeting the needs of treatment and medical examination and treatment for industrial park workers.

Investment incentives

▪ Regarding corporate income tax:

- Enjoy the tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years and enjoy tax exemption for 4 years, and reduce the payable tax amount by 50% for the next 9 years for income from the implementation of new investment projects in some special fields. investment incentives in accordance with the law on corporate income tax.

- Enjoy the tax rate of 17% and enjoy tax exemption for 2 years, reduce 50% of tax payable in the next 4 years for income from implementing new investment projects in a number of fields such as: High-grade steel production ; produce energy-saving products; manufacturing machinery and equipment for agriculture, forestry, fishery and salt production; production of irrigation equipment; production and refining of feed for livestock, poultry, aquatic products.....

- Being exempt from corporate income tax for 2 years and reducing 50% of payable tax for the next 4 years for enterprises implementing new investment projects in industrial zones.

▪ Regarding import tax: Investment projects in industrial zones are exempt from import tax on imported goods to create fixed assets according to the provisions of the Law on Import Tax and Export Tax.


National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

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