Investment in the development of industrial parks and economic zones must ensure sustainability

Dec 22, 2021

On the afternoon of December 21, Mr. Le Thanh Quan, Director of the Economic Zones Management Department (EZ) of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, chaired an online conference "Investment promotion forum and development orientation of industrial zones". industrial zones (IZs), EZs in the near future". The forum is connected online to 300 domestic and foreign bridge points.

At Binh Duong Bridge, there were Mr. Mai Ba Truoc, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment; leaders of a number of departments, branches, management boards of industrial zones in the province.

According to the report of the Department of Management of EZs, up to now, Vietnam has 395 industrial zones and export processing zones (EPZs) established with a total area of ​​more than 123,000 ha, of which 291 IZs and EPZs have been put into operation with a total area. more than 87,100 hectares. The occupancy rate of industrial zones in operation reached 70.9%. There are 18 coastal economic zones have been established with a total area of ​​857,600 ha. The leasing area of ​​projects in the EZ is over 33,000/99,200 ha.

Industrial zones and economic zones have attracted 10,996 foreign investment projects with a total capital of 230.2 billion USD, implemented investment capital of about 69% and 10,211 domestic projects with investment capital of 2.54 million billion VND, capital implementation reached about 46.5%. Among these are large projects such as those of Samsung Group (about 17 billion USD); projects of LG (1.5 billion USD), Formossa (12 billion USD), Vingroup, Sungroup, Truong Hai, Hoa Phat...

In 2021, export turnover of enterprises in industrial zones and economic zones will reach 138 billion USD (accounting for 55% of export turnover of the whole country); contributed more than 137,000 billion VND to the state budget; creating jobs for 4 million workers, accounting for 6.8% of the country's labor force.

Orientation in the coming time, Vietnam's development in terms of number and size of industrial zones and economic zones must ensure sustainability, adhere to the principle of promoting local strengths, and create favorable conditions for economic development in regions and clusters. industry connections; forming a system of core industrial zones and key economic zones with the role of leading the development of national industries; develop various types of eco-industrial parks, supporting industrial parks, specialized industrial zones, and high-tech industrial zones in the delta region to develop industries with high added value, high technology, and value chain linkages.

Vietnam also promotes the development of industrial zones and economic zones in depth, improving the quality and efficiency of operations. Restructuring projects in industrial zones and economic zones through technological innovation, enhancing added value and being environmentally friendly; diversify modes of cooperation in investment and development of infrastructure of industrial zones and economic zones; encouraging the mobilization of private resources in the construction and development of industrial zones and economic zones...

Discussing at the forum, experts said that, in order to continue to attract strong investment in industrial zones and economic zones in the coming time, Vietnam needs to continue to promote vaccination against Covid-19 for employees in enterprises. industry and solutions to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic; creating favorable conditions for businesses to recover, maintain and develop…

At the forum, the delegates also exchanged, discussed and answered about mechanisms, policies and opportunities to attract investment in industrial zones and economic zones in the coming period.

Source: Binh Duong Newspaper

(Translated by Google)