Aug 08, 2022


Updated: 07/2022

1. General introduction:

- Name of the IP: WHA Industrial Park – Nghe An Province.

- Address: located in Nghi Long commune, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province

- Investor: WHA Industrial Development Public Company Limited

- Time of land use: 2067

- Please contact: 0946 522 847 (Ms. Michelle) for know more information about WHA Industrial Park.

- With a total area of 3,200 ha upon completion, WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An will be the largest well-developed industrial zones in North Central Vietnam, connecting the new manufacturing and distribution base to serve domestic and international markets. Located within Dong Nam Economic Zone with special privileges, WHA IndustrialZone 1 - Nghe An Phase 1 offers 498 ha of international-standard infrastructure for industrial investors and also accommodate residential and commercial projects.

- Geographical location:

• 11-17 km from Cua Lo International Seaport Cluster, 14 km from Cua Lo Beach.

• 17 km from Vinh Railway Station.

• 18 km from Vinh City/ Airport, 288km from Ha Noi City, 487km from Da Nang City, 1198km from Ho Chi Minh City.

• 340km from Hai Phong Port.

- Target Industries:

• Industrial: Automotive, Plastics, Light Metals, Textiles/Garments (exclude dying), Building Materials.

• Consumer: Food Processing, Beverages, Value-added Agriculture, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Electrical Appliances.

• Technology: Electronics, Medical Assembly, Software, Smart Phones, Communications.

• Logistics: Cold storage, Inland Container Depot, Modern Warehouse, Logistics, Shipping and Freight.

2. Infrastructure in the IP:

• Road system:

The main road with 67m right of way, 4 lanes with reinforced concrete pavement

The secondary road with 30m right of way, 2 lanes with reinforced concrete pavement

• Power supply by EVN:

2 dedicated transmission lines of 22 kV from Cua Lo substation, with capacity of 65 MVA. 110kV transmission lines available upon application to EVN.

• Water supply:

A clean water supply factory with a capacity of 5.000-20.000m3/day (expandable), standard supply 30m3/ha/day, source from Cam River.

• Wastewater treatment system:

Primary and secondary of Aerated Lagoon (AL) and constructed wetland of 3.200 – 9.600 m3/day (expandable)

• Firefighting System:

Fire hydrant at every 150m

Large retention ponds for firefighting water reserve

• Drainage and Flood Control System

Dike at the height of 4.30m with drainage pumping system

Internal drainage channel, box and pipe culvert system to receive rin-off from the land plots.

3. Investment incentives, factory land lease in WHA Industrial Park:

The preferencial tax rate of 10% for 15 years, in which:

+ CIT exemption for the first 4 years.

+ 50% tax reduction in the subsequent 9 years