Aug 08, 2022


Updated: 07/2022

1. General introduction:

- Name of the IP: Viet Phat Industrial Park – Long An

- Address: located in Tan Long commune, Thu Thua district, Long An province

- Investor: Tan Thanh Long An Joint Stock Company.

- Total area: 1213.70ha

- Time of land use: 2056

- Please contact: 0946 522 847 (Ms. Michelle), for know more information about Viet Phat Industrial Park.

2. Geographical location:

Viet Phat Industrial Park is located in Long An province - which is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and is the main and only trade gateway between the Southern key economic region and the Mekong Delta key economic region. Identified as a dynamic economic region with a particularly important role in Vietnam's economic development strategy. With a convenient location in the Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam, Viet Phat Industrial Park:

• 50 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City,

• 45km from Tan Son Nhat airport,

• 28km from Saigon - Trung Luong expressway,

• Less than 60 km from Saigon Port Container Center,

• 30km from Bourbon Port (up to 5000T),

• More than 65 km from Cat Lai port,

• 60km from Hiep Binh border gate,

• About 25km from the Cambodian border,

• 87 km from Long An International Port,

• 95km from Cai Mep International Port…

- Industries receiving investment:

a. Group of electrical, electronic, telecommunications and optical projects:

• Project of manufacturing all kinds of electrical components and household appliances.

• Project of manufacturing tools, equipment and components for the electricity, electronics and telecommunications industries.

• Project of manufacturing computers and computer components.

• Project of manufacturing optical equipment and instruments, watches of all kinds.

• Project of manufacturing wire, electric cable, telecommunication cable.

b. Group of projects on metallurgy, metallurgy, mechanics and machine building (not casting, smelting, plating)

c. Group of projects on silk production, weaving (not dyeing), dyeing in garment.

d. Group of projects on chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and healthcare.

e. Project group on paper production, stationery, consumer goods and printing

f. Group of projects for the production of building materials and components; interior and exterior decoration materials, high-grade materials, new materials.

g. Group of projects on processing agricultural and aquatic products.

H. Group of projects on wood processing, glass, ceramics, jewelry, precious stones

i. Group of food and beverage processing projects.

j. Group of projects for processing animal feed, poultry, aquatic products.

k. Group of projects on water supply, waste treatment, fire prevention and fighting.

l. Group of projects for leasing warehouses and ready-built factories; goods storage, transportation services, exhibitors and product sales.

3. Infrastructure in the IP:

3.1. Traffic system:

• Outbound traffic:

- National Highway N2 passing through the southern facade of the industrial park has the planned road width of 80m.

- Thu Thua - Binh Thanh - Hoa Khanh route, passing through the west of the project. When the construction route is completed, it will shorten the distance from the Project to the Cambodian border by 10km.

- The investor will invest in a road connecting National Highway N2 with Provincial Road 830, thereby shortening the connection distance between the project and Ho Chi Minh City.

• Internal traffic:

- The internal traffic system is planned by the investor in a synchronous and modern manner with a network of asphalt roads evenly distributed throughout the industrial park with a width of 26-77m.

3.2. Electricity:

Taken from Thu Thua transformer station 110/22 KV - 2 x 40MVA through the current 22KV line paired along National Highway N2 leading to Viet Phat industrial park.

The lighting system and traffic lights are fully installed along the roads in the industrial park to ensure safe circulation.

3.3. Water:

A clean water supply factory with a capacity of 29,315 m3/day night, has been built and put into operation to ensure an adequate supply of water for production and daily life in the industrial park.

3.4. Waste water treatment system:

Arrange 3 wastewater treatment stations in separate clusters, with a total capacity equivalent to 24,000m³/day. Wastewater after being treated at a centralized wastewater treatment station that meets the standards will be led into the monitoring lake for monitoring. before discharge to the channel.

4. Investment incentives, factory land lease in Viet Phat Industrial Park:

Exemption for 2 years and reduction of 50% of the payable tax for the next 4 years.