Jun 17, 2022

1. General introduction:
-    Name of IP: Dau Giay Industrial Park - Dong Nai province. 
-    Address: located in Bau Ham 2 Commune, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province.
-    Investor: Dau Giay Industrial Park Joint Stock Company. 
-    Land tenure:  2058.
2. Geographical location:
Dau Giay Industrial Park is located at the intersection between National Highway 1, National Highway 20, and Road 769, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, convenient for transportation both by sea, road, railway and aviation. Meeting all requirements of investors in terms of transportation and cargo transportation.
• By road: 38 km from Bien Hoa city center. 
• Aviation: 70km from Tan Son Nhat airport, 30km from Long Thanh airport. 
• Railway: 1km from Dau Giay station, 13km from Long Khanh station. 
• By sea: 38km from Dong Nai port, 35km from Binh Duong port.
3. Project scale of Dau Giay Industrial Park:
-    Total land area: 328,3581 ha.
-    Total initial investment capital sold: 566 billion VND
-    Development orientation: high-tech industry, green-clean industry
-    Detailed structure of land use in the industrial zone:
•    Land for building factories: 211.20 ha
•    Green land: 56.79 ha
•    Land for service center: 7.62 ha
•    Land for warehouses and yards: 8.16 ha
•    Land for technical infrastructure: 4.47 ha
•    Land for traffic: 40.11 ha
- Vacant land area: 100% filled
- Lease Price: About 140-150 USD/m2
- Land transferred in Dau Giay Industrial Park: Please contact: 0946 522 847 (Ms. Michelle)
4. Investment attraction fields:
-   Some industries that attract investment in enterprises:
•    Mechanical engineering: Priority is given to the manufacturing and assembling of means of transport, and the manufacture of machinery to serve the agricultural and industrial sectors.
•    Electricity, electronics, information technology: Priority is given to the production of spare parts, electrical products, industrial electronics, electronics and telecommunications, and information equipment.
•    Pharmaceutical chemistry: Priority is given to producing pharmaceutical materials, pharmaceutical products, medical instruments, cosmetics, flavorings, and high-tech rubber.
•    Textiles: Textile products, garments, embroidery and knitting, manufacture of footwear and accessories for footwear and textile industries.
•    Construction materials: Producing glass, ceramics, bricks, and other building materials.
•    Furniture processing industry, paper, and interior decoration.
•    Agricultural food: Producing and processing agricultural products, aquatic products, food, and beverages, ... in which flour and food colors are not processed.
•    Consumer industry for daily life: Sports equipment, children's toys, jewelry, handicrafts, stationery items.
-    Limited industry:
•    Rubber latex processing industry
•    Pulp production industry
•    Tanning industry
•    Textile dyeing industry
5. Infrastructure in the IP:
5.1. Traffic system:
The main axis system has 4 lanes 15m wide, the internal traffic system 11.25m wide with 2 lanes, and the capacity to withstand H30 loads.
5.2. Electricity:
Dau Giay 110 KV power station supplies power from the North-South 500KV line, with a capacity of 63MW and the 22KV power grid system to serve the whole industrial park.
5.3. Water:
Ensuring a stable water supply for customers in the Industrial Park 10,000 m3/day comes from Gia Tan Water Plant and a water tower with a capacity of 300 m3, a 2,000 m3 tank located in the Industrial Park.
5.4. Wastewater treatment:
Using a modern microbiological treatment system with improved SBR technology. Industrial wastewater from factories in the Industrial Park must be treated internally and meet column B standards according to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT before being discharged into the centralized wastewater treatment system of the Industrial Park. The existing treatment plant in phase 1 with a capacity of 2,000 m3/day and after completion of the investment, the total capacity for all phases is 8,000 m3/day. The discharge standard from the Industrial Park meets the grade A standard according to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT.
5.5. Rainwater drainage system:
Complete with a pipeline system Ø 600 ~ 2000 installed underground along the roads will lead rainwater to discharge directly to Bi stream, then to Dong Nai river. Discharge of any domestic or production wastewater as well as oil into the stormwater drainage system is not permitted.
5.6. Firefighting systems :
Used together with the water supply system, the fire hydrants are located along the road with an average distance of about 150m/post
5.7. Communications:
Convenient telecommunications system, ADSL high-speed Internet connection provided by VNPT Dong Nai.
6. Investment incentives, factory land lease in Dau Giay Industrial Park:
Exemption for 2 years and reduction of 50% of  the payable tax for the next 4 years for incomes of enterprises from implementing new investment projects in industrial parks (According to Decree 218/2013/ND-CP dated December 26th) /two thousand and thirteen).