Aug 12, 2022


Updated: July 2022

1. General introduction:

- Name of the IP: Tay Bac Ho Xa Industrial Park – Quang Tri

- Address: located in Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province

- Investor: Amber Holdings.

- Total investment: 925 billion VND

- Total area: 214.77 ha

- Handover: Q2/2023

- Time of land use: 2071.

- Please contact: 0946 522 847 (Ms. Michelle), for know more information about Tay Bac Ho Xa Industrial Park.

2. Geographical location:

Northwestern Ho Xa Industrial Park in Quang Tri province - the promised land for investors. Quang Tri is located in the North Central region, is an important traffic hub of the country, located right on the national arterial roads, and is also the first province on the East-West Economic Corridor to the East of Vietnam. connecting with Laos - Thailand - Myanmar through the Lao Bao international border gate. This is an important advantage that facilitates Quang Tri to become a center of production, logistics, services & direct trade with Cambodia, Laos & Northeast Thailand; connecting with trade supply chains of ASEAN countries, Northeast Asia, China, and India. Tay Bac - Ho Xa Industrial Park owns a prime location with advantages such as:

• Located adjacent to National Highway 1A

• Intersections between important national highways; The intersection between important national highways: National Highway 1, a route throughout Vietnam, and National Highway 9D, the key traffic axis of Quang Tri.

• 35km from Dong Ha city center

• Easily connect trade with Cua Viet port, Chan May port, Da Nang port, Phu Bai airport (Hue), Dong Hoi airport (Quang Binh), and the Southeast economic zone.

• Area B of Northwestern Ho Xa Industrial Park is only 500m from San Lung Station.

• Adjacent to many seaports, airports, and railway stations, opening up convenient and fast multinational connections.

• The area possesses rich natural resources from forests, minerals, basalt red soil, aquatic/seafood, pepper, rubber,...

3. Infrastructure in the IP:

3.1. Traffic system:

Main road axis 30-40m, branch axis 13.5 - 19.5m.

Internal traffic routes are planned according to the network, serving a variety of loads, making it easy for vehicles to circulate and access the factory during the transportation of goods.

3.2. Electricity:

Low voltage 22kV at the factory gate, connector from 100/22kV - 40MVA substation

3.3. Water:

Zone A - 4,600 m3/day and night. Area B – 4,000 m3/day and night.

3.4. Drainage system:

The reinforced concrete sewer system has an aperture of D600 - B2,000 x 2,000, ensuring fast drainage.

3.5. Waste water treatment system:

The capacity of the wastewater treatment station in zone A: is 4,000 m3/day and in zone B: is 2,400 m3/day. All solid waste and wastewater from factories are treated with strict procedures to achieve Class A wastewater quality before being discharged into the environment.

4. Investment incentives in Tay Bac Ho Xa Industrial Park:

Exemption for 2 years and reduction of 50% of the payable tax for the next 4 years.