Instructions for Official Letters of BDIZA during the COVID-19 epidemic: "3 on the spot" option (3T) and “1 route, 2 locations” (2-1)

Aug 16, 2021

1. What about service and logistics providers?

- For service providers and freight forwarders, before entering the factory, they must have a valid negative Covid test result.

2. Can the company apply 2 options 3T and 2-1?

- The company can apply 2 options at the same time but must ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control. When sending reports to BDIZA, must separate the 2 options. For option 2-1, it is necessary to ensure that employees stay in a closed place, do not contact with people of outside surounding area, do not leave the place.

3. Can the company do quickly Antigent testing before applying 3T?

- The company can quickly test the antigen itself, but it must have a written report and promise to take full responsibility if any disease occurs at the Company.

4. During the implementation of 3T, can employees go to the Company?

- During the implementation of 3T, employees cannot enter and exit the Company as usual. If there is an unexpected incident, the employee can leave the Company, but when returning, the Company must do a report to BDIZA and test the PCR for that person before entering the Company (if not, it is possible to do quickly testing, but the employee must stay at the covid isolation area. After 3 days, testing again if negative, then they will be allowed to work).

5. If during the implementation of 3T, does the company have to quickly test 20% or more of the number of employees every week?

- When implementing 3T, the Company must conduct a random test every week of 20% or more of the number of employees working at the factory and all employees of other suppliers.