Jan 20, 2022



1. Investor information

Thu Thua IDICO-CONAC urban and industrial zone development joint stock company

2. Attractive industry

Project of dyeing, bleaching, printing to finish textile products; plating to finish mechanical products;

- Projects to produce fertilizers, detergents, dyes, paints, and printing ink;

- High-tech production projects: electrical and electronic equipment; electrical and electronic components; telecommunicative cable;

- Mechanical projects (not casting or smelting): manufacturing machinery and equipment; manufacture, assemble and repair motorcycles;

- Food and beverage processing projects;

- Pharmaceutical and cosmetic production projects;

- Project of producing household plastic, plastic packaging (from plastic beads);

- Project of manufacturing interior decoration equipment;

- Project on garment (without washing, bleaching, dyeing).

- Project to support agricultural development: processing and preserving agricultural, forestry and fishery products, handling and processing raw materials for the production of rural industries, producing furniture, rattan and bamboo, ceramics , glass, textiles, yarn, embroidery, knitting, small mechanics, production and trading of ornamental animals, salt production, production services, rural residential life).

- Project of processing seafood from fresh raw materials through preliminary processing, producing fish sauce on an industrial scale, producing animal fat and vegetable oil;

- Alcohol, wine and beer production project;

- Projects on production of animal, poultry and aqua feeds from preliminarily processed materials.

- Producing sugar, monosodium glutamate.

- And some other industries that are not polluting and toxic...



3. Information about IZ

3.1. General information about the industrial park

- Internal roads:

• External traffic: The industrial park connects to the main traffic axes outside through provincial road 818 connecting with National Highway 1A running through the industrial park. The provincial road has a width of 40m, the road surface is 18m wide, the sidewalks on both sides are 11m wide. Ensure that large trucks transporting goods can enter and exit the IP easily

• Regarding internal traffic: The internal traffic infrastructure is designed including roads with a width of 31m to 41m, designed with a full lighting system and trees;

• Water transport: The industrial park is built with a system of inland waterway wharves with a scale of 1.02 ha serving freight transport through Bo Bo canal connecting to Thu Thua canal to connect to Vam Co Dong river and Vam Co Tay river.

-              Electricity distribution system:

In the first phase, the Industrial Park uses power from 110/22kV transformer station with a capacity of 2*63 MVA in Hoa Binh industrial park; After that, the industrial park will be built a transformer station in the industrial park on an area of ​​1.02ha to ensure the autonomy of power supply for the whole area.

-              Water supply system:

Water source from Binh Anh water supply plant, Thu Thua district (current capacity is 15,000 m3/day), or exploitation of surface water at a clean water supply plant with a capacity of 5,000 m3/day will be invested. built in Thu Thua Industrial Park, Thu Thua District, Long An Province.

-              Waste water treatment system:

• The wastewater drainage system from the industrial park will be designed separately, completely independent from the rainwater drainage system and receiving wastewater at the foot of the factory fence.

• The industrial park's wastewater system is concentrated for treatment at the wastewater treatment station located next to the D1 road, after passing the treatment station to ensure drainage standards, it will flow through the biological lake before being discharged. Ba Bang channel; Centralized wastewater treatment system with a total treatment capacity of 4,428 m3/day.

3.2. Land rents: According to our records, the current price of industrial land is 135 USD/m2

3.3. Industrial land and factory transferred:


Or contact us at hotline: 0919 882 738 / 0908 069 399 / 0931 799 377

4. Utilities in the IP

- Package support for investment legal procedures for businesses (issuance of investment certificates, business establishment (including

personnel registration, seal engraving, tax code registration...) in the shortest time with the lowest cost;

- Housing services for professionals and workers through Thu Thua Residential Area, adjacent to the Industrial Park with a full range of services.

services such as supermarkets, kindergartens, schools...

- Customer service center is ready to support and meet the needs of businesses such as: information support, legal advice; bow

provide information on reputable construction units; support in applying for construction permits; FIREFIGHTING; environmental impact assessment report; support working with

banking, customs, logistics,...