Industrial real estate "cleaning house, welcoming guests"

Nov 08, 2021


With a rather optimistic attitude, Mr. Bui Le Anh Hieu, Marketing and Sales Director of Long Hau Joint Stock Company shared that, despite the complicated development of the pandemic on a global scale and the social distancing regulations of The country has seriously affected the investment progress and determination, but the foreign investors he has come into contact with are still interested in choosing Vietnam as the place to set up their production plants. Therefore, Long Hau has prepared to welcome tenants when everything is stable again.

Mr. Hieu informed that at this time, Long Hau is focusing on developing new projects such as the 90-hectare Industrial Park project adjacent to Long Hau Industrial Park with the aim of attracting customers in the field of financial support. production support such as logistics distribution centers, product quality inspection centers and industries using high technology. At the same time, Long Hau is also looking for investment opportunities in localities with potential for industrial park development to serve further needs in the future.

“For multinational corporations and leading supply chains, attracting them needs the efforts and coordination of state management agencies and industrial park infrastructure enterprises. The requirements of these large investors are not only suitable production premises, but also focus on human resources, social infrastructure and connected transport infrastructure, and quick legal procedures. Therefore, Long Hau regularly coordinates with partners to organize consulting activities on the investment environment by industry to attract the attention of these big investors," said Mr. Hieu.

Sharing the same opinion, a representative of Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Real Estate Corporation also said that, in the context of the negative impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam's real estate market in general and public real estate in general and public Industry in particular is still attractive to foreign investors thanks to its stable macroeconomics and especially its experience in dealing with the epidemic.

Regarding the plan of the business, this representative said that Thanh Thanh Cong currently owns many industrial zones and clusters such as Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park, Tan Hoi Industrial Park in Tay Ninh, Tan Kim Industrial Park. to expand in Long An... and to welcome a new wave of investment, Thanh Thanh Cong focuses on diversifying products and services to supply the market such as isolated factories, adjacent factories, and industrial land. ..., with a complete infrastructure system, including internal roads, water supply and drainage systems, electrical systems, fire protection...

“Besides, Thanh Thanh Cong also accelerates the digitization of activities and transactions to increase the speed of approaching, taking care of customers as well as internal management of the business, and at the same time paying attention to landscape issues, security and order, towards the image of a model industrial park," said the representative.

Sharing more about the story of investment promotion, attracting tenants, a representative of Thanh Thanh Cong said that the business is deploying a variety of sales channels such as participating in seminars, symposiums, offline fairs and seminars. online. According to him, these are quite effective channels to reach and bring in a relatively large customer base. In addition, the source of customers introduced by agencies and companies, consulting organizations and brokers is also an important channel.

Another customer search channel promoted by Thanh Thanh Cong is participating in business associations and groups of industrial parks, along with digital access channels in the 4.0 era such as emailing product information directly to customers or consulates, advertising on the website and website links between member companies of the Corporation, the websites of customers and partners...

“In addition, Thanh Thanh Cong also plans to regularly organize conferences for existing customers to solve difficulties and problems, and at the same time capture the expansion needs of customers in the future, or organize conferences and investment consulting sessions to introduce products and provide information to people who are interested in the Corporation's products and services," the representative said.

Improve quality serving

Promoting multi-channel investment promotion to attract tenants is being done by many industrial park investors. A representative of Minh Hung - Sikico Industry Joint Stock Company informed that this business has been making efforts to improve the quality of support services before, during and after the lease, specifically to support tenants to quickly complete legal procedures, factory construction.

“When working with Minh Hung - Sikico, many investors were convinced of the ability to quickly support both the investor and the local government, such as issuing an investment certificate within 3 days. ...", this person said.

Regarding the land fund, the representative of Minh Hung - Sikico said that the enterprise has prepared a large land fund, which can meet the diverse needs of land area suitable for production lines.

“Currently, Minh Hung - Sikico is in the process of completing the procedures to apply for a license to expand another 1,000 hectares in phase 2 to better meet the needs of tenants, especially to welcome the wave of supply chain shift from Foreigners entering Vietnam in the near future, investors can be assured of the ability to expand production facilities right at the industrial park when there is a need," this person added.

Along with the preparation of the land fund, Minh Hung - Sikico also cooperates with other partners

International cooperation with prestige and experience to build modern and synchronous infrastructure with a large road system, many trees..., especially a wastewater treatment plant with a total capacity of 25,000 m3 /day and night, managed and operated by GS E&C (Korea), EPC general contractor Koastal (Singapore)... is the outstanding strength of Minh Hung - Sikico, which very few industrial parks currently have.

Another orientation of Minh Hung - Sikico is to develop industrial park 4.0, so technology is a very important factor. This investor has deployed Virtual 360 and E-brochure - two effective tools to help tenants learn about the industrial park remotely, along with the investment in building management software for the industrial park to ensure Preserving management and providing instant information, increasing connectivity quickly and efficiently, tenants can easily look up utility information, electricity and water costs, manage on the application...

Source: Tinnhanhchungkhoan