Hoa Phu Industrial Park

Jul 22, 2021

Hoa Phu Industrial Park


Location: Hoa Phu commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province

Area: 250.97ha


1. Investor of Hoa Phu industrial park infrastructure construction and trading project:

- Business name: HOA PHU CORPORATION 



2. Information about Hoa Phu Industrial Park:

2.1. Location:

- Location in the province: Hoa Phu commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province.

- Adjacent to National Highway 1A and about 60 km from the highway.

- Location in the region/area: 10km from Vinh Long city, 10km from Vinh Long city. Can Tho 20 km, Ho Chi Minh City 145 km.

- Distance to the airport: 25 km from Can Tho airport.

- Distance to the nearest ports such as:

+ Vinh Long port: 10 km, receiving ships with a tonnage of up to 5,000 tons.

+ Binh Minh Port: 20km, receiving ships with a tonnage of up to 10,000 tons.

+ Can Tho port: 35 km, receiving ships with a tonnage of up to 20,000 tons.



2.2. Industry attracting investment:  Consumer goods - household appliances; power electronics; crafts; textile; Food processing - food; pharmaceuticals - cosmetics; packaging; mechanical; processing animal feed, poultry and aquatic products, other industries with less pollution, ....



2.3. Industrial  zone land area: 250.97ha, of which:

- Hoa Phu Industrial Park Phase 1: 121.59 ha, of which 94.8 ha of industrial land can be leased (92.47 ha has been leased, reaching 97.54%). It has been put into operation and attracted 18 investment projects with a total investment capital of 619.36 billion VND and 220.9 million USD.

- Hoa Phu Industrial Park phase 2: 129.38ha, of which 94.95ha of industrial land can be leased (50.64ha has been leased, reaching 53.33%). Has been put into operation and attracted 04 investment projects with total investment capital of 645 billion VND and 124.4 million USD.



2.4. Lease period of Hoa Phu Industrial Park phase 2:  maximum 50 years (from 2010 to 2060).

2.5. Land rental price of Hoa Phu Industrial Park phase 2:

Pay annually hàng

5 years pay 01 time

Pay once for 50 years

2.25 USD/m 2 /1 year

(not including VAT)

8.2 USD/m 2 /5 years

(not including VAT)

75-90 USD/m 2

(not including VAT)

(depending on location)

- Cost of infrastructure maintenance: 0.2 USD/m 2 /year (excluding VAT)



2.6. Power supply:  supplied from the national grid system, directly supplied by Vinh Long Power Company.

2.7 Water supply: provided  by Vinh Long Water Supply Joint Stock Company.

2.8. Wastewater treatment plant: with  a capacity of 6,900 m 3 /day and night, of which is operating with a capacity of 4,000 m 3 /day and night.



2.9. Housing for workers:  There are currently 02 projects of workers' houses (Hoa Phu Joint Stock Company and Ngoc Van Private Enterprise) with the scale of 236 rooms and business establishments in neighboring areas in the communes: Loc Hoa, Hoa Phu, Phu Quoi, Tan Hanh, Long Ho district with over 5,200 rooms. The province has planned and is calling for investment in 03 new projects at locations near Hoa Phu Industrial Park, of which 01 project has clean land (1.4 ha) .    



National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

Office: Parkview, 5A Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP 1, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.

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