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Sep 11, 2023


Updated: September 2023


1. Information about Long An and Hoa Binh Industrial Park

1.1. Information about Long An

1.2. Information about Hoa Binh Industrial Park

2. Geographical advantage

3. Attractive industry

4. Infrastructure of Hoa Binh Industrial Park

5. Tax incentives

6. Land rental price

7. Industrial land and factories for lease or transfer

8. Amenities near Long Hau Industrial Park, Hoa Binh



1.1. Information about Long An province

Long An is a province located in the Mekong Delta, about 45km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) along National Highway 1A. The province has a favorable location in the transition area between the Southeast and the Southwest, possessing waterway transportation routes.

In particular, with Long An international seaport - which is the focal point for import and export of goods in the Mekong Delta region and Binh Hiep international border gate - where direct trade is with Prey-Voa international border gate in the Mekong Delta. Cambodia. Long An province belongs to the Southern key economic region, playing a particularly important role in the economic development strategy of the South and the whole country. Of which, the industrial sector accounts for 50% of the value of the province's economy.

Most notably, in 2018, according to the list of Vietnam's provincial competitiveness index (CPI) rankings, Long An province held the 2nd position among 13 Western provinces, and ranked 3rd in the country. .

Recently, the province has continuously introduced many policies to attract domestic and foreign investment, increasing the occupancy rate in Long An Industrial Parks. As of August 2021, the whole province has 58 industrial zones and clusters that have approved infrastructure investment policies with a total area of about 13,500 hectares. Of these, 16 industrial parks have come into operation, with an area of about 2,385 hectares, attracting 1,664 projects, leased land area of nearly 720 hectares, occupancy rate of operating industrial clusters nearly 90 hectares. % acreage.

Among 1,664 projects, Long An industrial parks received investment capital of 4,856 million USD from 802 foreign investment projects. The border gate economic zone alone also received investment capital of up to 75 million USD from 02 foreign investment projects with land lease area of 21.2 hectares and 02 domestic investment projects with land lease area. is 0.66 ha.

In the period 2021-2030, Long An province continues to develop waterway transport infrastructure, industrial development zoning as well as introduce many timely support policies and appropriate adjustments for investors. investment in the present and the future. However, with new generation investor groups aiming to produce high-tech industrial products, Long An industrial parks have not fully met, because of technological limitations and inconsistent infrastructure. suite, as well as very high occupancy rates, rental prices are no longer attractive.

Image: Administrative map of Long An province

Image: City. Tan Tru, Long An

Population of the area near Hoa Binh Industrial Park:

Population of the province: 2,003 million people, of working age (15 - 60 years old) 987,267 people, accounting for 64% of the population, of which 513,379 are men and 473,889 are women.

- Thu Thua district: 99,320 people, including 35,991 men of working age and 36,750 women of working age. (2021)

- Ben Luc district: 184,936 people, of which 90,262 people are of working age, 44,517 men and 45,745 women. (2021)

Tan An city: 147,449 people, of which 47,842 are men of working age and 53,120 are women of working age. (2021)

1.2. Information about Hoa Binh Industrial Park

The current investor is Hoa Binh Infrastructure Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company with a scale of about 125 hectares, of which industrial land is 118 hectares. Hoa Binh Industrial Park has the advantage of being a trade gateway between Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta; Binh Anh fork; 1A highway; Nhi Thanh commune, Thu Thua District, Long An Province, Vietnam. In particular, the infrastructure here is fully planned, the land rent is competitive, the payment method is flexible, and the labor force is abundant.

Investor: Hoa Binh Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company

Location: Nhi Thanh commune, Thu Thua district, Long An province

Scale: 125 hectares, including 118 hectares of industrial land and 7 hectares of residential land

Land lease term: September 10, 2058

Photo: Map of Hoa Binh Industrial Park


Distance to Hoa Binh IP:

- Center of Ho Chi Minh City: 39 km - 1.5 hours by car.

- Phu My Hung residential area (District 7 - HCMC): 30 km - 01 hour by car.

- Ben Luc town (Long An province): 5 km - 10 minutes by car.

- Tan An city (Long An province): 5 km - 10 minutes by car.


- National Highway 1A: 100m wide, 06 lanes, speed 80km/h.

- Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Expressway: 5 km from HB Industrial Park, scale of 4 lanes, speed 120km/h.


Vam Co River: 200m wide, 12-20m deep, 3km from the Industrial Park.

Port system:

Port of Bourbon (France) and Port of Hoang Tuan (VN): 5km from IP, capacity 5,000 DWT, 550,000 tons/year.

Hiep Phuoc Port - Ho Chi Minh City: 35 km away from the Industrial Park (by road) - receiving ships of 50,000-70,000 DWT, with a loading and unloading capacity of 200 million tons/year.

Cat Lai Port - Ho Chi Minh City: 49 km from the Industrial Park, with a capacity of 70 million tons/year.

Cai Mep Port - Dong Nai: 80 km from the Industrial Park, with a rotational capacity of 22 million tons/year.


Hoa Binh Industrial Park can attract the following industries:

  • Electronics and telecommunications projects.
  • Mechanical projects.
  • Food and beverage processing projects.
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic production projects.
  • Chemistry and polymer projects.
  • Chemical fertilizer projects.
  • Stationery production projects.
  • Interior decoration production projects.
  • Wood processing projects.
  • Paper production projects (from semi-finished products)
  • Solid waste treatment projects.
  • Other projects: Manufacture of footwear; equipment, fire extinguisher shell, garment

Photo: Main industries attracting investment in Hoa Binh Industrial Park


Power system:

Thu Thua substation has a power source of 110KV/22KV - 2x25MVA

Telecommunications system:

VNPT has invested in underground line system to ensure investors: telephone cable, fax, ADSL, fiber optic cable...

Water supply system:

Binh Anh Water Plant with a capacity of 60,000 m3/day and night

Waste water treatment system

Wastewater treatment plant capacity: 4,000m3

Phase 1: 2,000 m3/day.

Phase 2: 2,000 m3/day.

Hot asphalt concrete road, according to Vietnam H30 standard.

Internal road from 11m to 24m.



- Tax rate 20% (From January 1, 2016).

• Tax exemption for 2 years.

• 50% reduction of tax payable in the next 4 years for income from the implementation of new investment projects and income of enterprises from the implementation of new investment projects


Exemption from import tax on equipment, machinery, spare parts, automobiles, and supplies to create fixed assets of investment projects


Currently, Hoa Binh Industrial Park has an occupancy rate of over 90%, the remaining land area ranges from 10,000 m2 to 27,000 m2.

Land rental price: 155-200$/m2 (**) depending on the area and location of the land lot. Please contact hotline (+84)90806.9399 to update the latest land rental price of Hoa Binh Industrial Park.

** Price may vary depending on location and rental area that customers are interested in.

Land rental payment progress

1. 10%: Within 07 days from the date of signing the Land Holding Contract

2. 25%: 01 month after the first payment

3. 20%: 01 month after the 2nd payment

4. 20%: after 02 months from the 2nd payment

5. 20%: 04 months after the 2nd payment

6. 5%: Within 07 days from the date of receiving the Certificate of land use rights


* Depending on different times, there will be information about the factory that needs to be transferred in Hoa Binh Industrial Park, if you want to buy back the factory in Hoa Binh Industrial Park. Please contact our consultant for more information. more details.

*Factory, warehouse for rent in Hoa Binh Industrial Park: Hoa Binh Industrial Park will build a factory for rent for customers who need an area of ​​4500 m2 or depending on the customer. Handover time is within 9 months from the date the customer makes a deposit. Expected rental price is 84,000 VND (~3.5$/m2)

Image of standard factory for rent that Hoa Binh Industrial Park has built


- Hospital: Thu Thua Hospital - 3 km, 200 beds.

- School:

• Long An University of Economics and Technology - 10 km,

• Long An Vocational School – 5 km,

• Ladec College of Technology - 5 km.

- Banks: Vietinbank, Southern Bank, Vietinbank, OCB, Agribank, Sacombank, ACB,.. -5km

- Bookstores, restaurants, hotels, garden cafes, fishing, etc. - 5 kilometres.

- Gas station - 3m

- Thu Thua Job Center - 3 km.

- Thu Thua Telecommunications - 3km.

- Thu Thua Market - 3km, Coop Mart Tan An - 5km.

- Administrative area: People's Committee, Police, Notary - 3km..

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