Mar 28, 2023

1. Industrial Property/ 工业不动产

2. Industrial Park/ Industrial Zone/ 工业园区

“Industrial park” means an area that is enclosed by definite boundaries, specializes in production of industrial goods and provision of services satisfying the industrial production needs and is established in conformity with conditions, procedures and processes prescribed in the Decree No. 82/2018/ND-CP. 

3. Export Processing Zone/ 出口加工区

“Export processing zone” means an industrial park specially intended for manufacture of exported goods, rendering of services meeting the needs of production of exported goods and is established in conformity with conditions, processes and procedures as applied to industrial parks in accordance with the Decree No. 82/2018/ND-CP.

4. Industrial Cluster/ 产业集群

“Industrial cluster” means a place in which services are provided for industrial and cottage-industrial production, with defined geographical boundaries and without any inhabitant living in the cluster, and which is constructed to attract and relocate small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives and cooperative associations to conduct production and business activities. An industrial cluster has an area not less than 75 ha and not exceeding 10 ha. An industrial cluster in a mountainous district or a craft village industrial has an area not less than 75 ha and not exceeding 5 ha.

5. Border Gate Economic Zone/ 国门经济区 

“The border-gate economic zone” is an economic zone formed in the land border areas and adjacent areas of the land border areas with international border gates or principal border gates, and established according to the conditions, processes and procedures.

6. Coastal Economic Zone (CEZ)/ 沿海经纪区

“A coastal economic zone” is an economic zone which is formed in the coastal area and adjacent areas of the coastal zone, established according to the conditions, processes and procedures.

7. Economic Zone/经济区

“ Economic zone” means an area which is defined by geographical boundaries, includes functional zones and is established to serve the purpose of calling for investments, promoting socio-economic development and maintaining national defence and security. Economic zone shall encompass coastal economic zones and border-gate economic zones (hereinafter referred to as economic zone, unless particular regulations otherwise apply to each classification of economic zone);

8. Industry – Urban – Service Complex Zone/ 产业-城市-服务综合区

“Industrial – urban – service area” comprises functional zones, including the industrial park assigned as the main functional zone; the urban - service area which is designed to have such functions as support and provision of public utilities for the industrial park (including functional subdivisions such as houses, hospitals, schools, research and development centers, business incubators and other socio-economic projects necessary for consistent and sustainable development of the entire area), and which is the destination of investments in assuring effective and sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the industrial area. The maximum size and acreage of the urban – service area shall not be one-third (1/3) more than the size and area of the industrial park.

9. Hi-tech park/ 高科技园区

“Hi-tech park” is a place where hi-tech research, application and development; hi-tech incubation or hi-tech enterprise incubation; hi-tech human resource training; hi-tech product manufacture and trading; and hi-tech service provision activities are concentrated and connected.

10. Eco-industrial park/生态工业区

11. Auxiliary industrial area/辅助工业区

“Auxiliary industrial area” means an industrial park specializing in manufacturing auxiliary industrial products and rendering services satisfying the needs of manufacture of these products. The maximum area of land leased or re-let to develop projects on investment in auxiliary industries shall account for 60% of the area of rentable industrial land within the boundaries of an industrial park;

12. Specialized industrial park/专业化产业园

“Specialized industrial park” refers to an industrial park which specializes in and supplying services needed for manufacturing of products in a specified industry or sector; has at least 60% of its industrial land intended to attract investment projects in such industry or sector.

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