Dong Nai and Binh Duong loosen activities in green areas

Sep 20, 2021

Starting from 0:00 on September 20, Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee implemented a plan to implement socio-economic activities to ensure the prevention of COVID-19 in the new situation according to the criteria of green, red, orange areas, gold and the rate of vaccination against COVID-19.

The route back to the new normal is decided by the People's Committee of the district.

Dong Nai experimented with loosening the green zone for 10 days

The easing in Dong Nai is step by step, absolutely safe, after a week will assess and update the epidemic situation and risk level.

In the green zone, depending on the rate of vaccination (full dose or cured) will apply enhanced Directive 15, enhanced Directive 19 and new normal. People from the green zone are allowed to pass through another green zone. People circulating and participating in social activities must receive the full dose of vaccine or at least one injection after 14 days.

People in red, orange and yellow areas still follow Advanced Directive 16.

In the new normal state, people are allowed to participate in activities, only required to ensure 5K (only karaoke, bars, massage can only receive up to 50% of capacity) ...

The province will apply green zone criteria to communes, wards and enterprises. Accordingly, communes and wards that are completely green are allowed to open and return to a new normal state. Communes and wards that still have neighborhoods and hamlets that are not green are still not allowed to open.

According to Nguyen Hong Linh, Secretary of the Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee, after two months of social distancing, the province's current epidemic map shows that the green area is more basic. Dong Nai needs to make efforts to transform other regions into green areas and "have to take risks", calmly handle it, not out of fear but the blockade is too wide, consuming a lot of resources.

In the immediate future, Dong Nai loosens green zones according to commune-level units. After 10 days of application, the province will consider loosening hamlet-level units, even to people's groups. Dong Nai has not yet applied yellow and green cards in travel.

Binh Duong gradually eases the distance

According to the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Binh Duong province is at the "peak" of the epidemic with the number of infected people being more than 175,000. In recent days, the number of infections has tended to decrease, nearly 3,000 cases / day.

Binh Duong is gradually easing the distance in localities that have been declared green zones, promulgating a plan to restore socio-economic activities in a new normal state under the motto of not being subjective and hasty.

According to Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha, Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee, localities in green areas have been relaxed but still strictly maintain regulations to control the disease.

“Depending on the development of the epidemic in each locality, management will be applied according to the directives of the Prime Minister. The movement of people is decided by the locality but guaranteed according to regulations. People are allowed to go out when they have had the first dose of vaccine for 14 days and F0 has recovered from the disease," Ha emphasized.

Binh Duong is expected to be divided into three phases to restore production and economic development: Phase 1 (from September 15 to October 31), phase 2 (from October 31) and phase 3 (from December 31st).

In phase 1, the locality will prioritize the restoration of socio-economic activities in the green zone.

In phase 2, complete the 2nd injection (when the vaccine is allocated) and open selective activities when the red and yellow zones are gone. If during this time, the epidemic develops in a bad direction, the locality will calculate and adjust to return to the previous stage and manage it more closely.

In phase 3, if the epidemic is successfully controlled, there is no longer a red zone and a yellow zone will reopen all socio-economic activities.

Do not put F0 in isolation areas, field hospitals

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Loi, Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee, this province has deployed asymptomatic cases of F0 with mild symptoms to be isolated and treated at home. Medical stations and localities to manage and monitor; Mobile medical stations in localities will have to actively monitor and take good care of people. Unable to continue to put F0s in isolation areas, field hospitals.

Persons aged 17 and under, if infected, must prioritize being taken to treatment areas or hospitals.

For enterprises in green areas, the "three green" production model will be implemented: green factories, green inns and green workers. For enterprises in the red zone, enterprises that want to return to production can choose the flexible "three on-site" production option or "one route - two destinations".

With the above models, enterprises must ensure strict requirements for disease prevention, F0 screening by PCR test for all employees. Then, periodically during the week, if it is a closed "three-place" model, quickly test 20% of the total number of workers who stay.

Source: PLO

(Translated by Google)