Jul 26, 2022


Updated: July 2022.

Address: Dong Binh Industrial Park, Binh Minh Commune, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam.

Investor: TNS Holdings Trading Service Joint Stock Company.

Time of land use: 2071.

Total land area: 350 ha.

Minimum Size: 10.000sqm

Handover: Q1/2023

Tax incentives: Exemption for the first 2 years and 50% of tax payable for the next 4 years.

Location of Phuoc Dong Industrial Park: Dong Binh Industrial Park in Vinh Long province - the center of the Mekong Delta economic region, the connection between the Southeast key economic region and the southwestern provinces. Located in a convenient location on National Highway 1 and National Highway 54, very convenient for import-export businesses, transporting goods and materials.

+ Proximity to Binh Minh Port: 6.5km, receiving ships with a tonnage of up to 10,000 tons.

+ Proximity to Vinh Long Port: 33km, receiving ships with a tonnage of up to 5,000 tons.

+ Proximity to Can Tho Port: 22km, receiving ships with a tonnage of up to 20,000 tons.

+ Proximity to Vinh Long City: 29km

+ Proximity to Ho Chi Minh CBD: 160km

+ Proximity to Can Tho International Airport: 21km

+ Proximity to Cat Lai Port: 168km

-  Industries attracting investment: Processing agricultural products - food, processing vegetables, tubers, fruits, and products from fruits, processing aquatic products; products from nourishment; consumer goods industry, packaging, chemical industry, manufacturing and processing, medical supplies, and some differences in the polluted environment.

-   Infrastructure in the IP:

•  Traffic system: reasonably designed to ensure smooth traffic throughout the industrial park. The system is designed as follows:

+ The main roads in the industrial park are 40m wide with 4 lanes

+ Branch roads in the industrial park are 22m wide with 2 lanes

• Power source: The power supply to the industrial park is taken from the 110/35/22KV substation. A high voltage electricity network is provided along the internal traffic in the industrial park.

• Water source: Provided by an internal clean water plant with a capacity of 12000 m3/day.

• Wastewater treatment system: The industrial park's centralized wastewater treatment plant, with a capacity of 8600m3/day-night, ensures that wastewater is filtered according to national standards before being discharged.

• Communication system: installed underground communication cable system and provided to the factory fence by the international standard cable system. Through the connection system between the communication center of the industrial park through the post and telecommunications network, all communication needs are guaranteed and are capable of providing all necessary services such as a Private switchboard, international phone, teleconference, leased line, high-speed internet, email, etc.

• Fire prevention and fighting system: the industrial park is installed with a warning, prevention, and fire fighting system in strict compliance with national regulations. Fire hydrants are installed at the internal traffic hubs, and at all factories to ensure effective protection of the whole area from fire and explosion incidents.

• Security system: The security system is currently controlled and controlled by a system of well-trained staff.

• Landscape system: The system of walls, fences, trees, and landscapes is carefully cared for and maintained.Infrastructure in the IP.