Dinh An Economic Zone

Jul 28, 2021

Dinh An Economic Zone

Investor: Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority

Location: Tra Cu district and Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province.

Area: 39,020ha. Phase 1: 15,403.7ha


Dinh An economic zone is located in the southeast of Tra Vinh province, bordering the sea and Hau river, in the territory of two districts of Tra Cu and Duyen Hai. It is a multi-sector and multi-field integrated coastal economic zone, including industry - commerce - service - tourism - urban and agriculture - forestry - fishery. The natural area is 39,020 ha, the period 1 to 2020 is 15,403.7 ha.


The location facing the sea 42km, having a deep-water port in the Mekong Delta and a channel through the Tra Vinh canal is a great advantage to exploit the potentials of transportation, freight, trade and tourism. cultural and social exchanges of all regions in the country and internationally.


Dinh An economic zone is located on inter-regional traffic hubs such as National Highway 53, National Highway 54, Highway 60, coastal road..., 110 km from Can Tho city, 80 km from Ben Tre city. Ho Chi Minh City is 160 km to the northeast along National Highway 60 and National Highway 1A, 45 km from Soc Trang City, 160 km from Ca Mau City to the Southwest along National Highway 60 and National Highway 1A.


Trade of Dinh An Economic Zone with regions in Tra Vinh province is also quite convenient, about 60 km from Tra Vinh city along National Highway 53, about 30 - 50 km from the urban system and economic sub-regions in the province. km, through National Highways 53, 54, 60, Provincial roads 913, 914 and waterways such as Long Toan River, 3/2 canal...


With key projects on transport and key technical infrastructure of the country such as: Tra Vinh Canal is the gateway to international maritime trade and an important traffic hub of the Mekong Delta and the coastal areas. In the South China Sea, Duyen Hai Power Center with a capacity of 4,400 MW is a stable power supply for industrial production,... this is an advantage for investors to consider investing in Dinh An Economic Zone. .



Dinh An economic zone is oriented to develop into a dynamic economic zone, giving priority to the development of industries such as power generation, petrochemical, shipbuilding along with other supporting industries; develop services and tourism with unique products associated with port economy, non-tariff zones, new urban and rural residential areas.


Tra Vinh Economic Zone Management Board is ready to create all favorable conditions for investors. In addition to the highest incentives according to the provisions of Vietnamese law on land, tax, ... the province also implements many policies to support investors such as investing in essential infrastructure works; supporting labor training... Especially, investment procedures in Dinh An Economic Zone are carried out under the "One-stop-shop, one-stop-shop" mechanism and the Economic Zone Management Board is the focal agency to to handle.


With the above advantages, Dinh An Economic Zone has been and will be an attractive destination for investors.


Situation of investment attraction and project implementation in Dinh An EZ:

Dinh An economic zone with the scale of phase 1 is 15,403.7 ha, the leasable area is 10,516 ha, accounting for 69.91% with a total of 22 projects calling for investment. Up to now, 16 projects have been attracted with a total investment of VND 228,776 billion, with an area of ​​7,383 hectares, accounting for 70.21%, specifically as follows:


- 02 projects are being implemented from the central capital: Duyen Hai Power Center with an estimated investment of VND 88,000 billion, an area of ​​650 hectares and the project of a channel for large tonnage ships entering the Hau River. The estimated investment is 3,149 billion VND, with an area of ​​350 hectares, which are priority investment projects and are driving forces to promote socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta in general and of Tra Vinh province in particular. . Progress is about 30%.


- 05 projects from the capital of enterprises that have been granted investment certificates, including: Tra Cu Port - Tra Vinh Port construction project with registered investment capital of 917.59 billion VND, with an area of ​​35 hectares; Infrastructure project of residential area and fisheries services with registered investment capital of 197.51 billion VND, area 71 ha (these two projects are being implemented with 50% progress); Project of building and trading infrastructure of Ngu Lac Industrial Park with registered investment capital of 14,592 billion VND, area of ​​936 ha; Construction investment project of Duyen Hai commune urban area with registered investment capital of VND 4,733 billion, area of ​​300 ha; Construction investment project of Dan Thanh 2 resettlement area with registered investment capital of 5,387 billion VND, area of ​​339 hectares (under planning in detail, construction will be carried out in the second quarter of 2012).


- 09 projects have been approved with investment policy and signed an investment memorandum, including: Refinery and Petrochemical Industrial Park project, submitted to the Provincial People's Committee for the Prime Minister's policy to supplement the planning; non-tariff zone projects submitted for approval of planning tasks; Long Toan port and port service project; Don Xuan Industrial Park project; Dinh An Industrial Park project; bonded warehouse project; Project of Factory for manufacturing fermented beverage and bottled water; Petroleum depot and petrol station project; maritime training facility project; All these projects are preparing the procedures to be granted the Investment Certificate as soon as possible.


National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

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