Dat Do Industrial Park

Jul 09, 2021


1. Information about the developer

• Investor's name: Tin Nghia - Phuong Dong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company

• Address: Dat Do I Industrial Park, Phuoc Long Tho Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

2. Information about the industrial park

• Decision No: 2945/QD.UBND issued by the People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province on September 7, 2009 on the establishment of Dat Do I industrial park.

• Decision approving industrial zone planning No: 1621/QD-UBND issued by the People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province on May 26, 2009; Decision No: 3212/QD-UBND dated November 27, 2019 of the Provincial People's Committee;



Type of land

Size (ha) 


Land for construction of industrial enterprises



Land for warehousing and yards



Land in the central area



Land for technical works



Green land and water surface



Land for transport 



Existing water channel







• Address: Phuoc Long Tho Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

• Operating time of the industrial park: until the end of August 25, 2059

Geographical location:

  • Dat Do I Industrial Park and Residential Area is located in Phuoc Long Tho Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. Adjacent to Dat Do Town.
  • Adjacent to National Highway 55 is the arterial traffic route of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. Conveniently connecting with Binh Thuan, Phan Thiet and central provinces,
  • Convenient connection with National Highway 51 to Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong.
  • Convenient connection with Ben Luc - Long Thanh expressway to the western provinces.

• Total investment capital for 02 projects is 440 billion VND, of which for industrial park is 1,212 billion and residential area is 228 billion

• Industrial land for lease: 22 ha

• Technical infrastructure: synchronously invested, ready to meet the needs of secondary investors to deploy and build factories. Besides, Dat Do I Industrial Park has good geological foundation R >= 2.5kg/cm2, high load capacity so construction cost is low.

• Traffic system:

  • The main road of the industrial park is invested with 6 lanes, width 46 - 54m
  • The branch road of the industrial park is invested with 2-4 lanes, the road width is 26m

• Electricity distribution system

• Industrial park invests in building 110/22kV power supply station to supply industrial zones and residential areas. The station has a capacity of 63 MVA for the first time, 63+40MVA for the long term.

Power source: From the National Grid

• Unit price of electricity 22kV (According to State regulations)

• Water supply system:

• Currently, the IP can supply water with a capacity of 22,000m3/day to supply the Industrial Park and Residential Area.

• Besides, Dat Do 1 Industrial Park has a low cost raw water supply system with a capacity of 100,000 m3/day.

Telecommunications information:

  • The industrial park invests in building a complete communication system to serve the activities of enterprises in the industrial park.
  • Currently, Ba Ria - Vung Tau is considered as one of the provinces with the best telecommunications system in Vietnam.

Wastewater treatment system: Dat Do 1 Industrial Park invested in building a wastewater treatment station with a total capacity of 17,600m3/day. Currently, the wastewater treatment station has been completed - phase 1 with a capacity of 2,000m3/day.

Service area: Dat Do 1 Industrial Park has a planning of a service center area, which is used for banking services, customs, registration center... Besides, Dat Do 1 Industrial Park also provide support services to Secondary Investors as follows:

• Apply for Investment Certificate.

• Apply for a Tax Identification Number.

• Register and apply for a seal sample.

• Consulting on making environmental impact assessment reports and periodic environmental monitoring reports.

• Advisory, Design, Building

• In addition, investors, if required, will be supported with security and protection services, labor recruitment, import and export declaration procedures and freight, leveling, design and construction…

• Land area for sublease: 227.24 ha, reaching occupancy rate of 60.24%

Land rental price:

  • One-time payment: 55 – 60 USD/m2 for the entire rental period until August 25, 2059
  • Annual payment: 2 – 2.5 USD/m2/month

• Management Fee: 0.5 USD/m2/year

• Waste water treatment fee: 0.32 USD/m3

• Price of electricity and water supply: calculated according to State regulations

3. Advantages of connecting to the external transportation system

Connecting neighboring areas:

• 25km from Vung Tau City.

• 12km from Ba Ria City

• 40km from Dong Nai province.

• 80km from Bien Hoa City.

• 110km from Binh Duong province.

• 85km from Tan Son Nhat Airport.

• 50km from Long Thanh International Airport.

• 10 - 15km from The Grand Strip Casino Resort, Ho Tram Golf Course

How the ports ship the goods:

• Cai Mep International Port (maximum vessel tonnage of 200,000 tons): 30km.

• Phu My Port (maximum vessel tonnage of 60,000 tons): 35km.

• Go Dau Port (maximum vessel tonnage of 30,000 tons): 45km.

4. Industries attracting investment:

The industrial park is built in the direction of multi-industry, focusing on attracting projects with high technology, using less labor, without polluting the environment... Especially, having investment incentives for high technology and information technology, supporting industry.


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