Dai An Industrial Park

Oct 29, 2021


Investor: Dai An Joint Stock Company

Location: Tu Minh Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province

Area: 135.96  ha

Founded year


Infrastructure investor

Dai An Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)

local points

Km 51, National Highway 5, Tu Minh Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province


- Natural land area : 135.96 ha

- Industrial land area for lease: 102.89ha

- Industrial land area for rent: 90.39ha

- Fill rate: 87.86%

Industry attracting investment according to the plan

- Enterprises processing food and agricultural products; textiles and consumer goods production; manufacturing spare parts and assembling motorcycles; production of handicrafts.

- Producing and assembling electrical equipment, electronic components, mechanical manufacturing; Manufacture of drugs and medical equipment, functional foods; Diamond processing, eyeglasses, plastic; Manufacture of furniture and school equipment; Manufacture of heat-resistant ceramic molds; Dilution and distribution of chemical products; Production of industrial additives; Manufacture of fire protection equipment; Packaging and printing production; Manufacture of household goods.

Geographical location

- 80 km from Noi Bai International Airport

- 50 km from Hanoi center

- 50 km from Hai Phong port and Hai Phong airport

- 80 km from Quang Ninh deep-water port




Infrastructure of Dai An industrial park:



The internal traffic system of the Industrial Cluster is reasonably designed to ensure smooth traffic throughout the Industrial Cluster. The road system is designed with the following dimensions:

- The central road in the Industrial Park is 55 meters wide

- The main roads in the Industrial Cluster are 30 meters wide

- Branch roads in the Industrial Cluster are 17.5 meters wide

All internal roads are designed and constructed in strict compliance with national regulations, and finished with Asphalt plastic concrete. The internal roads are also equipped with a complete and aesthetic high-pressure lighting system.



The power supply to the Industrial cluster is taken from two 22 KV lines leading from Hai Duong 110/22 KV station. These 22 KV lines will be developed into a network along the roads to supply electricity to the substations of factories in the Industrial Park. Electricity is supplied to the factory fence by an international standard electrical cable.



Ocean Industrial Park is the first Industrial Park to be supplied with clean water from a local water plant. Clean water is supplied with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day from the Hai Duong clean water plant.

Clean water is supplied to the factory fence by an international standard water supply pipe system. In addition, to ensure the continuous supply of clean water, the Industrial Park has a water supply plant located in the area.



Wastewater in the Industrial Park will be preliminarily treated by each factory in the zone to meet the national standard of grade B wastewater before being discharged into the drainage system of the Industrial cluster and discharged into the Sat River.

Waste is collected and treated at the industrial cluster's waste factory.

Exhaust gases from factories are installed with national standard filtration systems before being discharged into the natural environment.



The Industrial Park is installed with an underground communication cable system, and is provided to the fence of the factory by an international standard cable system.

Through the connection system between the communication center of the Industrial Park and Hai Duong Central Post Office, all communication needs are guaranteed and capable of providing all necessary services such as a private switchboard. , international phone, teleconference, leased line, high speed internet, email, etc...



The Industrial Park is installed with a warning, prevention and fire fighting system in strict compliance with national regulations.

Fire hydrants are installed at the internal traffic hubs, and at all factories to ensure effective protection of the whole area from fire and explosion incidents.



More than 13% of the total area of ​​the Industrial Park is planted with trees along the roads and other areas.

Lawns and public green areas are appropriately planted to improve the environmental environment of the whole area.

Projects to build factories and other housing areas must be approved by the management board of the industrial cluster before proceeding with construction to ensure the general landscape of the whole industrial zone.




In order to create more convenience for investors when investing in the Industrial Park, the investor is ready to support the following services in the shortest time with the most reasonable cost:

- Consulting on setting up a business and applying for an investment license.

- Business management services.

- Financial services and corporate accounting.

- Design and construction services.

- The import-export service.

- Insurance services, customs clearance and storage of goods.

- Cargo transportation service.

- Accommodation service for professionals


The Industrial Park also spends a land fund to build other support services such as commercial stores, food and beverage outlets, health care facilities and kindergartens, as well as vocational training facilities. for workers and technical staff.

Cooperating with OceanBank, the Industrial Park is fully capable of providing financial support for investors to implement the project, to build factories.




Land rent we commit to offer the most competitive price in the area.

- Industrial park management fee: $0.30/m2/year. This fee is paid annually in the first month of the year.

- Fee for using clean water: $0.30/m3. The amount of clean water used is calculated according to the readings on the water meter.

- Waste water treatment fee: 0.22 USD/m3. The amount of wastewater is calculated as 80% of the actual use of clean water.

- Electricity usage fee: according to the general regulations of the Government of Vietnam.

- Factory for rent: In addition, the Industrial Park can also build factories for lease with the scale from 1,000m2 to 100,000m2.

- The factory can be built according to the customer's request, and can be put into use after 4 - 7 months of construction.

- The average factory rent is fixed for the factory with simple structure (single-storey pre-engineered steel structure house): 2USD/m2/month.

Customers can choose to buy back the factory after a rental period.




National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

Office: Parkview, 5A Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP 1, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.


  1. Ms Hien Do – 0908 069 399 – hien.dt@nso.com.vn
  2. Mr Cuong Phan – 0913 855 528 – cuong.pd@nso.com.vn