Ca Na Industrial Park

Aug 19, 2021

Ca Na Industrial Park - Ninh Thuan

• Investor: Selecting

• Address: Phuoc Diem commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province

• Total area: 827.2ha



Ca Na Industrial Park was approved by the Prime Minister to convert the Ca Na Steel Production Complex Project in Ninh Thuan Province into Ca Na Industrial Park in Document No. 787/TTg-KTN Date 19/5/2011.



1. General introduction about Ca Na Industrial Park

1.1. Planning area

The general construction planning project of Ca Na urban area, Thuan Nam district (including Ca Na Industrial Park) has been approved by the People's Committee of Ninh Thuan province in Decision No. 480/QD-UBND dated December 31, 2014.

The Prime Minister has approved to adjust the scale of the planning area of ​​the Industrial Park to 827.20 ha (Document No. 620/TTg-KTN dated May 5, 2015 on the adjustment of the planning for development of industrial parks. industry in Ninh Thuan province by 2020).

1.2. Location : Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province.



2. Current status of the planning area

2.1. Transport infrastructure

* Road: There is National Highway 1 (road width 27 m, road surface 14 m, relatively good asphalt road). The district route starts from National Highway 1 to the center of Phuoc Diem commune (width 12 m, road surface 10 m). Orientation for traffic development in the area, identifying a coastal route through Ca Na area.

* Railway: The unified railway line runs along the west, with Ca Na station, currently a station to avoid trains, in the future it can be converted into a cargo station combined with a tourist passenger station.

* Waterway: Ca Na port is currently the salt port of the region. According to the plan by 2025, it will be built to reach the scale of a local general port of grade II (area 430 ha; land area 176 ha; water surface area about 254 ha. tonnage of up to 300,000 tons and upgrading Ninh Chu cargo port to receive ships with tonnage of up to 10,000 tons.

* By air: The location is about 90 km from Cam Ranh international airport.

2.2. Power supply system : The area is being supplied with electricity from the 110 KV Phan Rang substation. Power sources in the area: 110 KV Thap Cham - Phan Ri high voltage power line is 1 km from the area. Ninh Phuoc medium voltage power line passes through the area with a capacity of 110/22 KV - 25 MVA.

2.3. Communication system : Phuoc Diem commune has 02 post offices, 01 radio receiver and 03 radio stations. Fiber optic routes: There are two optical cable routes, namely Phan Rang - Phuoc Diem and Phan Rang - Ca Na, each with a transmission speed of 150 Mbp/s.

2.4. Water supply system : There is currently a project to supply water to the area from the province's water supply system with a capacity of 30,000 m 3 /day - night to supply domestic water in communes of Ninh Phuoc district and Phuoc Nam industrial park. And the Ca Na - Phuoc Nam water supply system project (phase 2) with a raw water supply capacity of 10,000 m 3 /day-night.



3. Characteristics of Ca Na Industrial Park

Ca Na Industrial Park is a concentrated industrial zone, oriented to develop new energy and renewable energy sectors to take advantage of the region's wind and sunshine resources. In addition, Ca Na Industrial Park also orients a number of groups of mechanical engineering industries and a number of other high-tech and heavy industries.

Specifically, the industry groups are as follows: New energy technology; Mechanical engineering technology; Renewable energy technology; Traditional energy technology; Mineral processing technology; Research and trial production, other heavy industry.



Price: 30USD/m2 (estimate)



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