Bac Vinh Industrial Park

Jul 06, 2021

Bac Vinh Industrial Park

Bac Vinh Industrial Park Investment and Development Company - Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation (Lilama)

Location: Hung Dong Commune, City. Vinh, Nghe An Province.

Planning area: 60.16 ha

Operation time: 1999 – 2049


1. Features:

1.1. Traffic hub  :

- Located on road traffic routes such as National Highway 1A; Highway 46 (Dang Thai Mai street).

- 4 km from Vinh city center; 1.5 km from Vinh airport; 3 km from Vinh station; 13 km from Cua Lo seaport.


1.2. Distribution  share trades:

- Clusters of clean and light industrial enterprises are moved from the inner city of Vinh to such as food processing factories, animal feed factories, garment factories for export and new construction enterprises such as factories. export packaging production, export fine art enterprises.

- The cluster of factories moved from the inner city of Vinh to have the need to treat some hazardous waste according to regulations such as food processing, chemical, mechanical assembly enterprises.

- Cluster of industrial mechanical engineering, chemical, plywood, beer, building materials factories.


1.3. Technical infrastructure of the industrial zone  :

- Traffic system:  The internal road network is organized in a checkerboard shape in two vertical and horizontal axes, the average distance between the routes is 350-400 m, has been fully invested by the Infrastructure Company, is auctioned. connecting with National Highway 46 (Dang Thai Mai road runs through the industrial park).

- Drainage system:

Rainwater : The rainwater drainage network is organized to flow separately from wastewater, the drainage direction is from the East to the West and then to the Northwest. Here, rainwater is filtered and filtered before flowing out of the fence along with the cleaned wastewater along the canal leading to the Ke Gai River.

Wastewater : All industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater are preliminarily treated at factories and enterprises, concentrated along sewer lines  Φ  300 - Φ  400, flowing to the common treatment area located at the end of the industrial park for treatment. . Wastewater after being treated to meet QCVN 40: 2011/BTNMT standards is discharged from the industrial zone and along the ditch leading to the Ke Gai river. Currently, the wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 250 m3/day has been put into operation.

- Water supply system:  The water supply for the IP is taken from Vinh Water Supply Factory with a capacity of 60,000 m 3 /day. The water supply pipe network in the industrial  park is designed according to a closed-loop network with cast iron pipes  Φ 150 - 300, on the pipeline network, there are ready Ts waiting to connect with factories and enterprises.

- Power supply system:  From 110/35/10KV transformer station, capacity of 2x25MVA, built 22 KV upstream cutting station, distributed to 22 KV transmission line network in the industrial park, led electricity to the foot of fences of factories. , Enterprise.

- Communication :   Currently, there are two telecommunications service providers in the industrial park, VNPT and Viettel, using cable networks arranged along the roads so that all factories and enterprises can compete with each other. connection in the most convenient way. In addition, here is located in the coverage area to ensure communication needs, internet services...

- Other services: The  industrial park is located in Vinh city, creating favorable conditions for accessing financial services, banking, commerce, transportation, healthcare, education, entertainment...


2. Land rental price:  

Land rental price with infrastructure (excluding VAT) from 2015 onwards

- Annual payment: 20,000 VND/m 2 /year;

- Pay for 5 years / 1: 19,000 / m 2 / year;


3. Other services:

- Electricity price (excluding 10% VAT)

+ Peak hours: 2,556 VND/KWh

+ Off-peak hours: 902 VND/KWh

+ Normal hours: 1,405 VND/KWh

- Price of clean water: 10,380 VND/m3 (excluding 5% VAT)


4. Investment incentives:  

In addition to the incentives enjoyed under the Investment Law; The Law on Enterprises, the Law on CIT, the Law on Import-Export Tax..., investment projects in Bac Vinh industrial zone also enjoy the incentives of Nghe An province issued under  Decision No. 101/2007/QD-UBND dated September 6, 2007; Decision No. 79/2009/QD-UBND dated September 1, 2009 of Nghe An Provincial People's Committee.

5. Contact:

National One Stop Services and Investments Organization

Office: Parkview, 5A Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP 1, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.


  1. Ms Hien Do – 0908 069 399 –
  2. Mr Cuong Phan – 0913 855 528 –
  3. Ms. Truc Tran – 0396 296 580 –



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