An Nghiep Industrial Park

Aug 02, 2021

An Nghiep Industrial Park

Investor: Soc Trang Industrial Park Management Board

Location: Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province

Area: 243ha


Location:, Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province


Located on the intersection of two main traffic axes of Soc Trang province, National Highway 1A and National Highway 60 connecting with the South Hau river road and Dai Ngai deep-water port, An Nghiep Industrial Park has many advantages in connection with industrial and industrial areas. local amenities.

• Distance from the city center. Soc Trang: 4km

• Distance from Dai Ngai port: 20km

• Can Tho port: 58km

• Can Tho airport: 65km



Scale of An Nghiep Industrial Park, Soc Trang


Technical infrastructure system: has been fully invested.

Total area: 243 ha (planning area for lease is 188.91 ha)

Filled area: 186.1 ha, reaching the rate of 98.5%

Area not yet leased: 2.81 ha



Industrial park infrastructure


• Roads in the industrial park are arranged in the form of a checkerboard to ensure order and consistency in the industrial park. The main roads have two lanes, the cross-section is 42.5m wide, and the branch roads are 15m and 7.5m wide.

• The communication system is located in the center of the industrial park, the fiber optic lines go underground in the technical corridor to the plots of land, forming a modern information network, fully and quickly responding to all service requirements. communication service.

• The water supply system in the industrial park is arranged scientifically and reasonably. The water supply plant located in the industrial park has a capacity of 12,000m3/day-night.

• Industrial wastewater is collected and treated at the wastewater treatment plant in the IZ with a capacity of 4,000m3/day-night before being discharged into the drainage ditch of the IZ.


Industry attracting investment in An Nghiep Industrial Park


• Processing agricultural products, aquatic products, food

• Producing consumer goods, textiles, garments, leather shoes, plastic products

• Producing feed for livestock, poultry and aquaculture

• Mechanical engineering, assembling machinery, equipment, electrical products, electrical machinery, electronics, electronic components, telecommunications equipment

• Building materials industry and other industrial production industries applying high technology, modern technology

Land rental price in An Nghiep industrial park


• Land rental price with infrastructure: 20-30 USD/m2

• Management fee: according to the regulations of the management board of the IP

• Electricity price: according to current regulations

• Water price: 3,800 VND/m3

• Salary of workers (reference): 100 - 300 USD/person/month


Information about the expansion plan of An Nghiep Industrial Park


According to information from Mr. Nguyen Van Kiet, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Soc Trang Industrial Parks: to meet the needs of industrial development in the province, especially in the near future, Soc Trang province will hold a conference promoting and calling for companies and enterprises to invest in projects in the area. Soc Trang Provincial People's Committee also has a policy to expand the area of An Nghiep Industrial Park by 100ha. Thus, the total scale of the industrial park will increase to nearly 350ha.



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