Amata Group and its partner want to build 2 1,400 ha industrial parks in Quang Ninh

Oct 06, 2021

According to Quang Ninh newspaper, Amata Group (Thailand) in collaboration with Marubeni Group (Japan) and GS Group (Korea) have just reported the idea of ​​​​investing in the development of 2 industrial parks (IZs) within the area. high-tech industrial urban complex in Quang Yen coastal economic zone. Accordingly, Marubeni Group proposed an industrial park with an area of ​​724 hectares, GS Group proposed an area of ​​676 hectares. The total area of ​​2 industrial zones is 1,400 ha.

Provincial leaders expect Amata Group to support the two enterprises to quickly approach to conduct research on the basis of suitable land fund. In the immediate future, Marubeni Group and GS Group will conduct research on investment projects in Song Khoai Industrial Park of Amata Group, because currently there is a lot of land in this industrial park.

Quang Yen coastal economic zone - where 2 corporations want to invest in 2 industrial zones - is located adjacent to Hai Phong, with an area of ​​over 13,000 hectares. In which, the sea service area, seaport, industry area is nearly 6,900 hectares and the urban complex area is 6,400 hectares. This EZ was established to connect economy, trade and services with other coastal economic zones such as Van Don, Dinh Vu - Cat Hai, Thai Binh...

About Amata Group, this unit is the investor in the construction of Song Khoai Industrial Park of 714 hectares in Quang Yen, expected to be implemented in the period of 2018 - 2026 with an investment capital of over 3,500 billion VND. Currently, the project site clearance is being implemented at different stages. This industrial park has also received an investment decision of USD 500 million from Jinko Solar Group.

In Quang Ninh, Amata also proposed to research, invest and build Amata Ha Long smart city with a total area of ​​1,720 hectares in Uong Bi city and Quang Yen town.

In addition, this group has invested in building Amata Industrial Park in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai on an area of ​​700 hectares. In addition to the industrial park, this project also has a commercial area of ​​19.2 hectares, a residential area and a square Amata area. At the same time, Amata applies to invest in the second project, Amata City Long Thanh with an area of ​​1,265 hectares, including a high-tech park, a service area, and a mega-urban area.

Source: NDH

(Translated by Google)