Adjustment to reduce 38.5 hectares of the area of ​​Duc Hoa III Industrial Park - Slico

Feb 07, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh signed Decision No. 1129/QD-TTg dated September 26, 2022 approving the adjustment of the policy of investment, project, investment in construction and infrastructure business of Duc Hoa III Industrial Park - Slico .

The above decision adjusts to reduce the size of the industrial park area from 195,7906 ha to 157.27 ha (down 38,526 ha).

Regarding the total investment capital of the project, the Decision assigns the People's Committee of Long An province to direct the Management Board of the economic zone of Long An province to request the investor to review and accurately determine the total investment capital of the project in accordance with the provisions of law. relevant laws, ensuring suitability with the project implementation land area and the quality of the works.

The Prime Minister requested not to change the reduced area of ​​the industrial park (38,5206 ha) to another land use purpose without the approval of the competent authority. In case there is a violation or the conditions for permitting the change of land use purpose are not satisfied for this part of the land, there must be remedial measures in accordance with law; the use of this land area must be in accordance with the needs and in agreement with the recommendation of the People's Committee of Long An province reported to the Prime Minister before when proposing to adjust the planning area of ​​Duc Hoa III industrial park.

The Prime Minister requested to ensure the harmonization of interests of related parties when converting industrial park land with compensation and ground clearance; no complaints or lawsuits.

The management, use, conversion of land use purposes and selection of investors to implement projects in the reduced area of ​​the industrial park in accordance with the law on bidding, land, housing and investment investment, business real estate and other relevant laws, without causing loss of property and state budget.

The Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Planning and Investment to take responsibility for the content of the report on appraisal of the project's investment intentions and perform state management responsibilities in monitoring and directing industrial parks. operate in accordance with the law.

The People's Committee of Long An province shall review and take responsibility for the investment and implementation of the project, ensuring compliance with the provisions of law; project monitoring and evaluation, in which attention should be paid to clarifying objective and subjective causes leading to slow implementation of the project, clarifying the responsibilities of relevant state agencies and investors.

Long An Provincial People's Committee closely monitors, inspects and supervises the project implementation. In case the project fails to comply with the contents specified in the decision on investment policies, it is recommended to consider applying Article 48 of the Investment Law to terminate the project's operation.

Source: Baodautu