A series of billion-dollar industrial parks landed in South Binh Thuan

Nov 29, 2021

Three industrial "super-projects" with a total investment of more than 2 billion USD are being implemented in the southern region of Binh Thuan (La Gi and Ham Tan), turning this place into the industrial center of the province.
Destination of billion USD capital flow

Attracting the most attention is the Becamex VSIP Binh Thuan Industrial - Service - Urban Park in La Gi and Ham Tan. This is a joint venture investment project between Becamex IDC Corporation (Vietnam) and companies of Sembcorp Development Group (Singapore) with a scale of 4,984 hectares, total investment capital up to VND 18,840 billion. In which, the industrial park (IZ) has a scale of more than 3,000 hectares, and the urban area has a scale of nearly 2,000 hectares. The purpose of the project is to form and develop an urban area with a harmonious connection between industry and services, ensuring compliance with the general planning of Ham Tan district and La Gi town.

Becamex VSIP Binh Thuan is expected to attract hundreds of domestic and foreign businesses, helping the province receive more investment capital of thousands of billion dong. The two localities La Gi and Ham Tan will also benefit greatly from this project. Especially, La Gi town, with the roadmap to become the "second city" of Binh Thuan, along with receiving many billion-dollar investment projects in the area, is becoming the largest economic center in the region. South of Binh Thuan – in accordance with the orientation of the province.

Besides Becamex VSIP Binh Thuan, in 2022 Sonadezi will also implement an investment project to build and trade in infrastructure of Tan Duc Industrial Park located in La Gi and Ham Tan towns. According to the decision, the project has a scale of 300 hectares, with a total investment of 1,200 billion VND, invested by Sonadezi Binh Thuan Joint Stock Company.

Another "super project" that cannot fail to be mentioned is the LNG gas-fired power project chain of AES Corporation (USA). The total investment for these projects is about 1.31 billion USD, which is expected to contribute to the development of the local economy in Binh Thuan province. This is considered the largest-scale FDI project in the history of Binh Thuan, not only contributing to the economic development of the province but also having an important meaning in Vietnam's energy industry.

La Gi welcomes a series of opportunities to transform 

Dr. Tran Nguyen Minh Hai - Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City said: Referring to La Gi, investors often talk about the story of town to city. However, in fact, the investment wave of industrial real estate giants is the strongest lever for La Gi. When these projects are completed, they will attract hundreds of domestic and foreign businesses and create tens of thousands of jobs.

In particular, the development of industrial real estate in the southern region of Binh Thuan has made La Gi's real estate market grow stronger than ever. In which, complexes, residential areas, coastal real estate in service of tourism, resorts, trade centers, services, logistics centers, warehouses for industry, etc. will flourish to meet the economic growth of La Gi.

In addition to the huge push created by industrial real estate giants, La Gi also benefits when a series of key infrastructure projects are deployed. Currently, the Dau Giay - Phan Thiet expressway is the most important project. Among the areas of Binh Thuan that have highways passing through, La Gi is the locality that benefits the most thanks to its gateway location, the first place where the highway must pass before reaching Ke Ga, Mui Ne, and Phan Thiet.

To connect more synchronously and smoothly, Binh Thuan has deployed two connecting roads from Dau Giay - Phan Thiet highway to Ham Tan and then straight to La Gi. Thanks to these works, the travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to La Gi is only about 1.5 hours; 1 hour from Phan Thiet airport or Long Thanh airport to La Gi.

In line with the general direction of the province, Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee has agreed to propose to upgrade La Gi town to become a city directly under the province and carry out upgrading and expanding important roads. Local leaders also affirmed that La Gi is an important area in the southern economic development of the province and connects with Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

Source: batdongsan.com.vn

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