Jan 25, 2022

(Address of the industrial park: An Tay commune, Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province)

1. Information about the investor
- Address: An Tay commune, Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province, Vietnam
- Certificate of investment/business registration: No. 3700856169 first registered on October 29, 2007 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Duong province, changed for the 11th time on December 23, 2016
- Registered investment/business lines: construction investment, industrial park infrastructure business

2. Industry attracting investment
- Electricity and electronics;
- Health care products, pharmaceuticals and food (not processing fresh seafood);
-     Exact mechanics;
- Industry and auto parts;
- Supporting industry;
- Light and clean industry (does not accept projects of weaving, dyeing and paper processing)

3. Information about IZ
3.1 Area:
With a total area of: 494.9ha
3.2 Planning:
Industrial land and logistics: with an area of 3,844,870m2, occupancy rate 77.68%
Land for service works: with an area of 107,138m2, the occupancy rate is 2.16%
Technical infrastructure land: with an area of 31,892m2, the occupancy rate is 0.64%
Green land: with an area of 496.114m2, the occupancy rate is 10.02%
Land for traffic: with an area of 496,351m2, the occupancy rate is 9.48 %
3.3 Industrial Park Infrastructure
Main road: road width 28m - 4 lanes
Internal roads: 22m wide – 2 lanes
Powered by EVN, meeting the transparency needs of customers.
The 22KV medium voltage grid is supplied from a 110KV station with a capacity of 126MW managed and operated by Binh Duong power company.
Provided by Biwase and distributed by PITP according to customer needs.
Water treatment factory
Phase 1: 2,500m3/day and night
Phase 2: 2,500m3/day and night
Water and sewer system: finished
Telecommunications system; managed and operated by VNPT and Viettel according to customer needs.
Internet: fiber optic/ ADSL
Security system: fire hydrants are installed at 150m apart 24/7

4. Land rental price:
According to our records, the current rental price of land in the industrial park is:

5. Industrial land and factory transferred
See selling information here: National One-Stop Investment and Service Joint Stock Company (nso.com.vn)
Or contact our hotline: +84 919 882 738

6. Enterprises in the Industrial Park
Some companies are operating in Singapore industrial park Ascendas Protrade such as:
- StandWell Vietnam Co., Ltd
- Vistarr Sports Co., Ltd

- Nikki Vietnam Co., Ltd
- Ge Lan Industrial Garment One Member Company Limited (Vietnam)
- Katzden Architec Vietnam Co., Ltd
- Reco Asia Co., Ltd
- Denis GM . Co., Ltd

7. Utilities in the IP:
7.1 Neighborhoods nearby:
Located in the new strategic economic position of Binh Duong with large industrial zones that have been and are in the process of expanding, the population here is also crowded and diverse with many different knowledge classes from labor There are 7 residential areas in Bau Bang urban and industrial park with an area of 1,160 ha. In addition, there are 25 housing projects outside the area that have been approved by the Provincial People's Committee, with a total area of 451.29 hectares. Has been building social housing, housing for workers on an area of 932,792 m2 with more than 31,080 rooms to meet the housing needs of more than 93,240 people.
7.1 Restaurant and accommodation services:
The design of Protrade Industrial Park offers a “Live – Work – Play – Learn” experience in a healthy and efficient business environment. PITP focuses on building a scientific and positive living space through well-invested facilities. Some utilities such as:
- Dormitory for public - employees.
- Conference room.
- Convenient shop.
- Bank.
- Clinic.
- Entertainment area, canteen, dining center.
- Kindergarten.
- ATM system.