Jun 19, 2022

Update: 06/2022

- Area: 476 ha
- Location: Dong No commune, Hon Quan district, Binh Phuoc province.
- Land use term: 2066
- Geographical location:
+ 105 km from Cat Lai Port
+ 97 km from Tan Son Nhat Airport
+ 115 km from Long Thanh Airport
+ 49 km from Dong Xoai city
- Industry attracting investment: Minh Hung - Sikico Industrial Park is a multi-industry industrial park, prioritizing the development of light, clean, and low-polluting industries such as: Agriculture and food processing industry. , food; Garment industry, paper production, toys; Furniture manufacturing and interior decoration industry; Packaging industry; Electronic industry; Industry assembling and manufacturing sports equipment; Mechanical industry; Pharmaceutical industry...
- Infrastructure of Minh Hung Industrial Park SIKICO:
+ Power supply system: The current production power of Minh Hung - Sikico industrial park is provided from the 110/22kV Chon Thanh substation at National Highway 13. In the future, when factories in the industrial park go In stable operation, the investor will build its own substation of the Industrial Park with an expected capacity of 63 MVA.
+ Water supply system: Taken from the water supply plant of Binh Phuoc Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock Company. It is expected that the industrial park will build its own water supply system in case the demand for water increases
+ Waste water treatment system: The industrial park is built with a centralized wastewater treatment system with a treatment capacity of 7,300 m3/day and night, for the ability to receive input wastewater up to standard B according to technical standards. Vietnam's environmental engineering
+ Internal road system: In general, Minh Hung - Sikico Industrial Park is built with main axes with a width of 42-62 m, of which the road surface is 18 m wide, and branch roads in the IZ have a road width from 18-37 meters, road surface from 8 meters wide, for the ability to meet the travel and transport of goods in the industrial park
+ Communication system: connected to Dong No telecommunication station, for stable information connection.