Concerns about cargo congestion at Cat Lai port spreading to Cai Mep port

Aug 16, 2021


According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the congestion at Cat Lai Port is now very serious, causing businesses to always fall into the situation of delivery and receipt of goods not on time specified in the contract. If prolonged, this situation may spread to other ports such as Cai Mep, Hai Phong...

Cat Lai Port plays a very important role in the import and export of goods through seaports in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general. However, after 3 weeks of implementing the distance according to Directive 16, Cat Lai port was seriously congested.

According to the report of Saigon Newport Corporation, the volume of containers imported and exported, the volume of containers delivered, and the number of vehicles entering and leaving the port for delivery continuously decreased compared to the same period last year, resulting in a large volume of cargo. Cat Lai port stockpile increased.

Specifically, the volume of import and export containers through the port decreased by 0.2% week by week, respectively; 18.03% and 5.4%. The volume of delivery of imported containers and receipt of export containers decreased by 4.78%, respectively; 10.48% and 18.13%. The number of vehicles entering / leaving the port decreased by 3.14%, respectively; 10.05% and 15.59%. The volume of inventory is close to the maximum allowed level, especially the volume of imported goods is always above 100% of capacity.

At the online meeting on August 5, in order to organize the implementation of Official Letter 3847/TCHQ-GSQL on guiding the implementation of customs procedures, inspection and supervision to solve cargo congestion at Cat Lai port Deputy General Director of the General Department of Customs Mai Xuan Thanh said that at this time, it is necessary to urgently deploy the best support solutions to solve the congestion of goods at Cat Lai port to be able to receive containers of goods in and out of the port. In addition to establishing working groups to be the heads of the Customs Sub-Departments, there should be a working group of the Department connected with the focal point of the General Department of Customs, which is the leader of the Customs Management Supervision and Administration Department.

In addition, the relevant customs departments and Saigon Newport Corporation also immediately provided a clue to the General Department of Customs for the parties to coordinate in solving the problem.

Accordingly, Mr. Mai Xuan Thanh also suggested that the Saigon Newport Corporation must quickly plan the shipping of containers, be responsible for ensuring the status, go on the right route, on time, and must attach the positioning. In addition, issues related to information technology; handling and moving the backlogged goods, the inventory has been completed, especially the containers that are in the cases, the investigation cases keep the current status.

Previously, on August 4, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien sent an urgent document to propose to the Prime Minister to assign the Ministry of Transport to assume the prime responsibility for and work with Cat Lai port in particular and other major seaports in the whole country in general to urgently come up with solutions.

Accordingly, it is necessary to improve the capacity to release goods from the port, review and work specifically with each shipper whose goods are at the port to come up with a unified plan to remove obstacles to early receipt of goods; Improve the exploitation capacity of the port yard, proactively adjust the container loading in each area to increase the ability to receive imported goods, and at the same time maximize the capacity of loading and unloading containers on the yard, moving empty containers out port range, adjust the time to receive export containers accordingly.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also proposed that the Government assign the Ministry of Transport to coordinate with other parties to regulate the amount of goods imported to Cat Lai port, temporarily stop transferring imported goods from ports in Cai Mep and Hiep Phuoc to Cat Lai. that shippers need to receive directly in Cai Mep or Hiep Phuoc area, ports in the Mekong Delta region near their factories and enterprises. Shippers and shipping lines need to limit the number of ships or delay the import of containers with imported goods from enterprises and factories that are reducing production scale and output.

To the General Department of Customs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to study a mechanism to allow Cat Lai port to transport imported containers in general, including containers that have been backlogged for more than 90 days from Cat Lai port for storage and clearance. , delivered to customers at the facilities of Saigon Newport Corporation which are Hiep Phuoc Tan Cang Port (HCMC), Long Binh Tan Cang ICDs, Nhon Trach Tan Cang ICDs (Dong Nai), Song Than Tan Cang ICDs (Binh Duong).

Thereby reducing the load and increasing the storage capacity at Cat Lai port, reducing the current congestion. Saigon Newport Corporation also commits to be responsible for ensuring the original condition of goods and containers when transporting and storing. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends that COVID-19 vaccines be given priority to those working at ports, including delivery staff and drivers. Saigon Newport Corporation considers reducing the price of storing containers and storing yards for goods at Cat Lai port of enterprises that are having to stop production due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Source: Luu Hiep – CAND Newspaper