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NSO in collaboration with TriLaw have launch the Retainer Legal Consultancy Package, with exclusive feature for all NSO businesses member.

About NSO:

National One-Stop Services and Investments Organization (NSO) has been established to create a powerful and effective platform for business that is truly pioneering in the Vietnam context. We have comprehensive experience in dealing smoothly and successfully with multinational corporations (MNCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across a wide spectrum of industries and commercial sectors, playing a crucial role in their successful implementation of FDI projects and thereafter expanding and consolidating their manufacturing and distribution positions for markets both in Vietnam and abroad.

About TriLaw:

Established 10 years ago, TriLaw has accumulated significant experiences and understandings of legal risks that enterprises in Vietnam have to encounter. With the mission statement to “Protect the sustainable development of clients” Trilaw has designed the Retainer Legal Consultancy Package, which aims to assist enterprises in hedging and reducing any legal risks aroused during their business operations.

The Retainer Legal Consultancy Package:

In the retainer legal consultancy package, NSO’s members will be able to receive following services:

  1. Receive monthly update about new regulations, business law update, etc… (free of charge)
  2. Consultancies and Advisories in legal issues with regards to enterprises’ business operations in Vietnam;
  3. Reviews, verifications, and advisories in the legitimacy of drafted/ accepted business transaction documents;
  4. Services to represent or participate as the enterprises’ legal advisors or attorneys during business discussions and negotiations;
  5. Consultancies and Advisories in developing resolution processes for claim and complaint;
  6. Supports in preparations and submission of applications/ requests to competent authorities as well as the followed-up processes of applications/ requests review and approval;
  7. Reviews and updates on new/ drafted laws, codes or regulations that are directly or indirectly related to the enterprises’ business fields;
  8. Copies of legal documents (upon requests).

* Note: - This program is only available for NSO’s member. To become NSO’s member click here

- For existing member: please contact NSO by phone or mail to receive instruction on how to join this program.

- Retainer Legal Consultancy package brochure:

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