News of NSO

22/03/2016, National One Stop Services and Investment Organization (NSO) participated in VSIP periodically organized Business Networking Session for all companies operating in the parks.

At the event, NSO has the opportunity to introduce to businesses about its in-house developed e-Platform, the first of a comprehensive business listing platform in Vietnam. With this e-Platform, NSO will support businesses to upload their companies profile as well as products and services information and manufacturing capabilities. As a result, e-Platform will facilitate all members to identify new customers, improve product quality & features to win new customers or to introduce new products / services with a much better knowledge of the potential customers around them.

VSIP business networking event is always a good opportunity to all business partners to gather for a good interactive session. The objective is to allow better understanding of each other nature of business, information sharing, and a potential business cooperation or alliance opportunity.

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